On a testé les cours de natation AUTO-RESCUE® de Swim Stars

We tested Swim Stars' AUTO-RESCUE® swimming lessons 💦

Water 💦 and children! A whole chapter...

Summer holidays are approaching, think about this wonderful place you are going to discover, where you already know. Inevitably there will inevitably be a time when the children will enjoy the joys of the swimming pool or the seaside 🏖️. And you hear that little voice whispering to you “If only they were already swimming”

Between the ages of 3 and 5 many things are learned, and swimming is not always the most necessary. And yet! Because we can avoid catastrophes and above all we can teach children how to get out of a complication in the water we present to you the AUTO-RESCUE® of Swim stars !  

1. What is Swim stars ? 

Swim Stars is a national network of swimming lessons that has set up a program dedicated to 3-5 year olds to learn survival reflexes in the event of a fall in the water: theauto-rescue ! Intermediate course between baby swimmers and learning to swim, it's a anti-drowning program that secures the child and teaches him self-rescue. 


2. The objectives of AUTO-RESCUE® : 

With ludisme, teach children who do not yet know how to swim, or who may be afraid of water, how once under water to rise to the surface, get some air, put themselves in a safe position and reach the edge from the swimming pool to get out of it alone. The basics of swimming. 🏊


3. Comment ? 

1st step : Learn to roll over on their own. Thus secured and with the airways clear, the child can breathe and therefore call for help. 


2nd stage : Learn to put your head under water 💦, propel yourself with your legs and find solutions with your arms to reach the pool wall. 


Duration of each lesson : 30 minutes. The instructor thus manages to perfectly capture the attention and concentration of the children. 

Recommended sessions : 10, but this may vary depending on each child. 


4. Feeling of toddlers: 

Delighted! No longer afraid to put their head under water they have trust in them. They are proud as anything to jump into the water without armbands and to reach the edge alone. Once out, they have only one desire: to jump and start again. 

The coaches spend the whole lesson in the pool with the children and stay in small groups (until 5 children maximum) to observe everything, guide them, talk to them and especially accompany them at each activity. Needless to say, once the right reflexes have been acquired they gain even more autonomy !  

Next step: learn to swim! That's good, they also offer learning to swim lessons (from 5 years old). 


5. To end on a high note: 

After jumping into the water hilariously, after learning how to kick and splash, after successfully walking on their own with the proper props; nothing more soothing to start off on good feet than an exhilarating shower with My washing whipped cream. Its texture, soft and unctuous is divine, you could almost bite into it. It'll casually slip into their bag to rehydrate the skin and prolong the accumulated joy, not to mention that earned and well-deserved self-confidence.

Ma chantilly Lavante

When summer arrives, as long as the children can't swim, every parent is concerned and there is, believe us for having tested it, nothing like these lessons to reassure you, so that the children want to get started and learn the best reflexes for their safety.   

To find the courses closest to you and all the information you may need, it is by here