La recette pour passer le cap de la préadolescence avec mention très bien !

The recipe to pass the course of pre-adolescence with honors!

Preteen! A stage as amazing as it is exhausting (and not just for children 😏)... To you parents who live this rather intense phase on a daily basis, we reveal our recipe to you to pass the course of pre-adolescence with honors!

#1: One hundred tablespoons of patience 🦦

Especially when you have to soften opposition conversations or when you swallow at the sight of their clothes 😵 💫. Patience is a sign of respect. When "the situation" happens in front of the stove, stay calm... Messages will get across more positively, relationships will be calmed down and your favorite blouse will be spared! 

# 2: A dose of humor 🦦 

What parent doesn't see their tween spending most of their time on their small screen? As if his life depended on wifi speed... 🙄

📑 Classic scenario of a typical "conversation": Receiving a text from the kids from their bedroom, to their parents in the living room, asking for "something".

Nothing to say just to laugh about it! Ideal subject of a hilarious conversation. So laugh together, you'll only deepen your complicity. You never know the day can always end like this...👇

#3: A good sense of diplomacy 👩‍🏫

Not always innate, so maybe you have to train... 😏 To address "delicate" subjects, with their emotions close to a roller coaster, diplomacy is essential. If their skin is somewhat upset (pimples etc...) that it impacts their mood or the image they have of themselves, then with gentleness and tenderness slip a couple of words about CLEAR SKIN 💫

👉 CLEAR SKIN gummies treat skin problems inside. Food supplements associated with a daily care ritual, they relieve imperfections and teach pre-teens to take care of them, of their skin, which builds their confidence!

👉 The Ritual: One daily cleaning sweet, a adapted hydration and a course of 2 gummies per day. From 30 days; the first results appear: the skin, clearer, is relieved. As a complement to a skincare ritual, they work from within to fight blemishes and keep skin healthy ✨.

My teenager is starting his PEAU CLAIRE treatment

#4: A ladle of compliments 🌈

Compliment is a proof of attention, whoever receives them strengthens his self esteem and sees life on the bright side while feeling valued. Always better when it's really sincere and spontaneous. So when you feel it, compliment!

# 5: Cooking time: take the time 🕰 

Talking, questioning, taking them one-on-one to lunch, taking an interest in them...

ANDn one word: CO-MMU-NI-QUER. It is by feeling loved and surrounded that they will be confident to open up and tell you what matters to them. 🙌

Don't forget that one day, it will be their turn... Since there is still a little time, we cling to this quote which sums up the situation rather well:👇

"Being a parent is often doing as you can, sometimes as you want, but always doing your best!" Source: needed!