Refund policy

Returns and right of withdrawal

Return policy

The Buyer benefits from a legal withdrawal period of up to fourteen (14) clear days from the date of receipt of the order, without having to justify a reason.

 We can accept returns and reimburse only orders placed on the site Products purchased from a physical store or other distributor sites are subject to the return policies of the store or distributor site from which they were purchased and may not be returned to us under these terms.

If the Buyer wishes to return Products, please note that these Products cannot be returned in exchange for the same item which is the subject of a different or improved promotional offer. We reserve the right to refuse all returns of this type.

Prior to the return of the Product (s) by the Purchaser, the latter must obligatorily submit a return request by email to

Please note that all items must be returned in their original condition, as indicated below (return conditions)

Returned packages must be accompanied by a letter stating your name, first name, and order number. The return address is as follows:   

OUATE Logistics Center Back

LogVAD - Wadding
1 rue de la Couture
ZI Roubaix East
59115 LEERS

The Buyer is advised to keep proof provided by the postal services of the shipment of his package. In the event of non-receipt of the package by OUATE SAS, and without proof of its proper distribution by the postal services, the Company cannot be held liable.

According to the following cases:

- The package is returned in its entirety, the Buyer is reimbursed for the price of the package and any shipping costs (standard delivery rate), the return costs remain at his expense.

- The package is not returned in its entirety (the Buyer keeps one or more of the products ordered), the Buyer is reimbursed for the price of the returned product (s), the shipping costs possible are not reimbursed, the return costs remain at his expense.

- One (or more) product (s) are returned for proven lack of conformity, OUATE SAS undertakes, subject to verification of the lack of conformity, to reimburse the Purchaser for the product (s) , possible shipping and return costs.

IMPORTANT: For returns / exchanges from countries outside the EU, the Buyer must clearly indicate on the customs clearance packing slip that this is a non-commercial shipment with no market value, to avoid payment of duty customs at the expense of OUATE SAS. In the case of an exchange, OUATE SAS will do the same to avoid a second payment of customs duties payable by the Buyer.

Return conditions

The products are the responsibility of the buyer from receipt of delivery. It is important that the Product (s) returned intact with its original packaging, accessories and instructions.

OUATE SAS will not be able to accept returned products that have been used, unless the reason for the return is the fact that the product is damaged or defective. In such circumstances, OUATE SAS will inform the Buyer that no refund will be possible and the Buyer must organize the return of these products within twenty-eight (28) days of OUATE SAS 'notification.


The refund of the returned Product (s) will take place, using the same means of payment as that used when ordering, within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt by OUATE SAS of the returned package. . Returns received by OUATE SAS which are not returned according to the procedures mentioned above may not be reimbursed by OUATE SAS.

General Conditions of Ordering OUATE samples

OUATE allows you to choose up to 3 samples of the brand.

Please log into your OUATE account before you can place your sample order. Please note that the same sample cannot be selected multiple times.

The shipping costs remain fixed at 4 euros regardless of the number of samples you order.

Promotional codes are not applicable against reimbursement of sample shipping costs.

Once you have placed your sample order, you will receive an order confirmation email.

When shipping your order you will receive a shipping email containing a voucher code with a value of € 4 shipping costs.

Your one-time voucher will be valid for 90 days from the date of receipt. This voucher cannot be used against reimbursement of shipping costs. Vouchers are not cumulative.

Sample deliveries take 3-7 days to arrive and will be sent without tracking.