On a testé 5 accessoires pour un été en famille happy & eco friendly

5 accessories for a happy & eco friendly family summer

This summer the holiday suitcase will be organized in advance! And because everything upstream will have been well prepared, impossible to give in to the distressing desires of our children at the sight of beach accessories in situ, can be very attractive, but not necessarily very respectful of our dear planet... This summer, we will be eco-friendly from head to toe, even lying down!

Here are 5 accessories that we recommend and which for some, will accompany you all year round to rekindle those happy summer memories.

1. The key to protected skin all summer long

So that your audacious choices take care of the skin as much as of this life sheltered under water, let's start with sunscreen...

When you can protect your skin from the sun without harming the life of our oceans as soon as you swim, but what are you waiting for? My 1,2,3 sun mist is a beach bag essential. Smelling deliciously good ylang ylang and tiare, applying this treatment is the effect of a one-way trip to Polynesia with less carbon footprint, and the assurance of do not damage our coral reefs! 


Waterproof, SPF 50, ses filtres mixtes provide optimal protection and a very pleasant application. Its composition, 89% of ingredients of natural origin is without nanoparticles, and provides the skin with suppleness, protection and hydration. 

Compliant with Hawaiian law which prohibits the use of anti-UV substances (oxybenzone and octinoxate) in sunscreen products to preserve underwater biodiversity, this treatment is as gentle as it is protective: the key to protected skin all summer long.   


2. An organic cotton bath towel in which to spread out and which welcomes all the kids! 

Rather than using classic bath towels, why not opt for a Beach towel sustainable cotton organic ? Our favorite, the soft and absorbent multifunctional bath sheets from COTTESEA. 

Their fresh design is unique (practical for children to spot it on the beach) and as soon as you lie down you plunge into a real bath of softness. Made in France from recycled and organic cotton, they are certified Oeko Tex, GRS and GOTS, the irreproachable trio of unrivaled cotton quality. 

Its big plus: a large bath towel as light as it is absorbent will always take up less space than 3 or even 4 bath towels. Slight detail that is not insignificant when going to the beach with the children... 

3. A water bottle is very eco friendly and our oceans say thank you!

Infinitely reusable, a water bottle is the chic alternative to single-use plastic bottles. With an offer as vast as the ocean, we are spoiled for choice! In steel, glass or aluminium, it is an accessory that has become as useful, practical and eco-friendly as it is essential or even essential. Isothermal they keep all the freshness of your favorite drinks, not bad for the days of heat wave. Having your water bottle and no longer buying plastic bottles means not participating, and doing so with pride, in this plastic pollution that generates each year. 95% waste in the water and on the beaches… 



4. Indispensable for taking care of your little things: a tote bag!

Slipping a tote bag into your vacation suitcase is the assurance of always having on hand something to carry everything you need. To go to the beach, he will take care to wrap and protect everything necessary, a great accessory to slip his sun creams in 😉. Its little green bonus: its material in 100% oeko tex certified cotton is recyclable and biodegradable. He is only waiting for one thing: to spend the summer by your side, that's a good thing that OUATE is so endearing that you won't be able to leave him. 

5. Games: the Mini Worlds beach kit

Entirely made in France from recycled plastic (made from bottles) and equipped with a rope so that children can proudly carry it over their shoulder, beware, here is the beach kit that all children will love and which, thanks to its uniqueness, will not be able to get on board! 

An ultra-smart 3-in-1 toy : a shovel that also serves as a watering can, a seal to build castles (with integrated moldings) and an aquascope with handles suitable for exploring the seabed... (enough to keep them busy all day). This aquascope is a great bonus: the children will be able to observe fish and small crabs in every nook and cranny! The ocean will reveal unsuspected secrets to our children!

Eco friendly accessories to enjoy the joys of the seaside while preserving the coasts and protecting the skin is as conceivable as it is achievable. It's all about choice, and when they're smart, bold and of high quality, one thing's for sure, they're here to last! 

This summer, the only memory you will leave on the sand is the mark of your sandcastles. 

With children, holidays and summer can also rhyme with ecology and responsibility!