Lettre ouverte d'une grand-mère à ses petits enfants

Open letter from a grandmother to her grandchildren

“To my darling grandchildren , my treasures, my loves!

A joy to celebrate my 70th birthday with all of you! If I am here, in great shape, smiling and enthusiastic, full of ideas and projects, it is thanks to you of course but also to the advice of my grandmother!

To feel good, love and help others, you have to start by accepting and loving yourself ! Like any human being, you have qualities and faults! Start by smiling at life , first thing in the morning when you wake up and it will brighten your days... Then, a quick trip to the bathroom to of course brush your teeth and take care of yourself !

If you take care of your facial skin from a young age , you will go through the stages that take you from childhood to adolescence without any problem! And you will have adopted good habits , which is also very important for growing up peacefully and one day, like me, growing old!!!

You have an extraordinary chance to accompany you in these little morning routines so that you have soft skin to caress and kiss! This chance is called “OUATE” , a name as sweet as a cuddle for creams with magical names : My kiss potion , my love cream or my ideal treatments !

When you're not here and I miss you so much, I admit that I put myself on kissing potion but, shh🤫, it's a secret.

I promise my darlings, I'll bring plenty of cleansing Chantilly for the evening bath during the holidays and a few boxes of Belle Peau or Clear Skin Gummies to fight against the little skin imperfections you may have as you grow up!

I often tell you that happiness begins with feeling good about yourself . So count on OUATE to achieve this... And also count on me to kiss you often and for a long time, this multiplies the beneficial effects of the magic potions prepared for you by OUATE and its entire team.

Come on, let’s go to the site to place an order!”

I rush to the site >