5 conseils pour (vraiment) débrancher pendant les vacances

5 tips for (really) unplugging during the holidays

On vacation and not yet completely able to quit? What if you (really) started to relax, let go and rest? ✌️

This quote deeply inspired us to suggest how to unplug:

“Being on vacation means having nothing to do and having the whole day to do it” Robert Orben

1 – Delegate

Babysitter, mother, mother-in-law... just an hour to give you time to take your time and do what makes you feel good .

2 - The plan is no plan

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves 🌊 the song of the cicadas, a slightly longer trip to the market... Stop running or overrunning the day's schedule of activities. Remember, only one thing matters to children: spending time with their parents!

3 - ​Listen to yourself

Take the time and let go. A nap after lunch, 6 p.m. well past and nothing has happened for the rest of the day? Everything is fine, it's the holidays, hours may be slightly delayed ✌️

4 - Activate airplane mode

Several hours a day, even a few days (cap?) cut out and finally take the time to open and read this book that has spent the year on your bedside table, closed.

5 - Kitchen or household chores file

Make it as simple as possible! Summer has this enormous advantage of offering us delicious products that don't always need to be cooked. As for laundry or ironing... we switch to folding mode!

Enjoy, relax, anchor these vacation and summer memories within you. May they be the source of your inner well-being when later in the year (or perhaps from the start of the school year... ) you (already) feel a need for serenity 🙌