8 conseils pour les premiers bains de bébé

8 tips for baby's first baths

It's a very strong and powerful feeling that grips us when we come home and pass through our doorstep for the first time as a threesome. It's particularly moving, the adventure begins now.

After having been well enveloped in this cocoon that is maternity , after having carefully listened to the advice, taken notes, even recorded the instructions (!) for the care of our baby , there is no doubt when we will meet again alone having to apply them for the first time, even with all the instructions, you may be worried (distraught) and that's normal!

Because a baby's first bath can sometimes be compared to climbing Mont- Blanc, without the preparation, we have given you some advice so that you can transform this moment into an unforgettable memory.

1- Prepare the environment

Before even putting your baby in the water, make sure the environment is safe and comfortable. The temperature of the room should be mild to prevent shivering, and all necessary products, such as fragrance-free baby wash , a clean towel, diapers, bodysuit and pajamas, should be within reach.

Washing gel for my baby

2- We control space

We control space! Do you remember that sink directly attached to a changing table in your room in the maternity ward? Suddenly the vision of your bathtub in relation to the size of your baby seems disproportionate... let's opt for the simplest: we start in our sink previously cleaned with a non-abrasive product (white vinegar).

3- We control the temperature

The water temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold. Use a bath thermometer to make sure the water is between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius. Your wrist can also be a reliable indicator.

4- We take the plunge

Water temperature controlled, everything is ready, there's more to it! Position your baby under control and in safety for his first bath : the baby is well supported on your forearm and his shoulder is in the palm of your hand so that he is well supported. You still have one hand and one arm free, impeccable! It is with the free hand that we rub the soap and take the opportunity to soap this little body which is so cute, so soft, so cute. The bottle of cleansing gel has been designed to be used with one hand thanks to a larger pump, in order to free the other to hold baby and ensure a safe bath!

5- We choose the right products

Opt for bath products specially designed for babies , without harsh chemicals or perfumes. A gentle, hypoallergenic soap is ideal for protecting your little one's delicate skin. The body and hair washing gel has been specially designed for bathing babies , from birth. With organic aloe vera extract, it nourishes, softens and soothes the skin. Made from 98% natural origin, hypoallergenic, it gently cleanses babies ' fragile skin . Its gel texture transforms on contact with skin and water into a fine foam that does not sting the eyes.

6- We take advantage of this moment of complicity

If the baby is happy, we let him enjoy the benefits of the water which reminds him of his life in utero. Little by little, he will even start touching the end of the sink with his feet. Being in a small space reassures him and reminds him of the comfort of the last 9 months.

7- Choose the right time

Be in a good state of mind because babies feel everything! If you're exhausted, there's no rush, it's perfectly fine to wait until the next day. In fact, an infant does not sweat or get dirty. He has daily care, his genitals are cleaned several times a day... He does not necessarily need a bath every day. 2 to 3 times a week is enough. Don't see the bath as a complicated task, but rather as a moment of gentleness, a moment of calm together which offers you moments of exchange and relaxation. The right time to give a bath is at the end of the day to embark immediately afterwards (perhaps!) for several hours of deep sleep and perfect tranquility.

8- We make the pleasure last

When the bathroom turns into a spa! Once soothed we add a layer, that of the massage with the moisturizer for my baby . Enriched with organic sweet almond oil, this body treatment has been designed to hydrate children's skin from birth. Hypoallergenic and delicately scented, its formula with 97% ingredients of natural origin nourishes and protects the skin. Its fluid, milky texture facilitates massage without staining clothes. Its ergonomic pump bottle delivers the right dose with one squeeze. Designed to be used with one hand and keep the other free to hold your baby , it allows parents to enjoy these deep moments of complicity. Made of aluminum, its bottle can be stored and refilled for years without altering the quality of the product! Once baby has grown up it is 100% recyclable and ready for many more lives!

Baby's moisturizer

PS: Tip for thinking about the next move because it always happens faster than you think : investing in a bath chair once the sink is too narrow. A bath lounger remains the accessory that will take up the least space and in which he can splash around for several months. Remember not to leave a baby (even one who can sit up and in very little water) unsupervised in a bathtub. Keep your little one's bath time as the most peaceful time of your day.

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