4 causes de l'érythème fessier chez les bébés

4 causes of diaper rash in babies

We have often heard about diaper rash , but what exactly causes it.

What is diaper rash

Diaper rash , also called diaper dermatitis , is a skin irritation characterized by dry or oozing redness on the baby 's bottom. Nearly one in two babies may be affected by this type of discomfort. Their skin being particularly thin and fragile, it is recommended to act quickly to relieve this inflammation; If it is not treated in time and properly it can spread to the inguinal folds and then to the anus. Erythema mainly occurs between 9 and 12 months, an age group more likely to develop this type of condition. By catching the problem in time , erythema can be cured by following a few simple rules.

The main causes responsible

1- Soiled diapers

The most common cause is related to changing hygiene . When the skin is in too prolonged contact with a layer soiled by stools or urine, this humid and warm environment becomes favorable to the development of bacteria or fungi in this particularly sensitive and fine area which is that of the seat. One of the first solutions to remedy this in the event of irritation is to regularly change your baby 's diaper.

It is estimated that 80% of children experience diaper rash at least once during the time they are in diapers. **Which can also be due to a diaper that is too tight or a questionable composition of the diaper (aggressive chemicals).

2- Teething

Contrary to what most people may think, teething does not cause diaper rash . Teething can cause episodes of diarrhea which will lead to the appearance of diaper rash (if the baby is in too frequent contact with stools and urine in his diaper*).

3- Change in eating habits

It has been found that cases of diaper rash can occur in children who are no longer breastfed. *** Indeed, their stools are then more acidic and quickly irritate the skin of babies' bottoms . In addition, this type of change causes a change in intestinal transit, sometimes leading to diarrhea which can also increase the risk of diaper rash .

4- Reactions to Care Products

Baby 's skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. Certain skincare products, such as wet wipes, scented soaps, or lotions that are incompatible with delicate skin, can trigger breakouts. Allergic reactions can make existing diaper rash worse. This is why the liniment for my baby is +99% ingredients of natural origin, hypoallergenic, enriched with organic olive oil and fragrance-free. This liniment gently cleanses from birth. Moisturizing, it nourishes and soothes the sensitive and delicate diaper area of ​​babies. Its fluid and silky texture facilitates cleaning, leaving a protective film on the skin, insulating it and protecting it from humidity. Special mention for its white texture, which does not stain clothes!

Liniment for my baby

Prevention and management of diaper rash in babies requires careful attention to hygiene, humidity and the care products used. By understanding the underlying causes of this skin condition, you can take steps to provide your baby with optimal comfort and healthy skin.


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