7 solutions pour soulager l'eczéma chez l'enfant

7 solutions to relieve eczema in children

Before reading this, I invite you to read the article in our newspaper which explains the “ 4 causes of eczema in children ”.

It is often somewhat worrying when one sees the skin of one's children weakened by incessant scratching or patches which may appear unexpectedly. In order to better understand this inconvenience of the skin, we explain its consequences and give you some advice to soothe this skin disease which can be relieved by daily care.

The consequences of eczema

When skin is said to be atopic , it is when its skin barrier (naturally composed of a hydro-lipid film) is deficient in lipids. The lipids in this film are mostly made up of ceramides, they are also made up of cholesterol, free fatty acids and other sphingolipids.
A skin barrier deficient in lipids is a consequence of eczema because one of our genes, filaggrin, mutates thus causing the breakdown of the skin barrier. When the skin is dry, it is a sign of lipid deficiency. Its protective barrier being less effective, then results in increased permeability which allows allergens to penetrate and which can therefore cross the epidermis.

Indeed, this natural protective hydrolipidic film that is the skin barrier is altered due to a low proportion of lipids. The immune cells of the skin, the mast cells, will release histamine, the molecule responsible for the itching of the skin. One of the symptoms of eczema .

Image that represents the differences between normal skin and atopic skin and image of the vicious cycle of eczema

The 7 solutions to soothe eczematous skin naturally

Particularly sensitive atopic skin should have daily preventive treatment. Who says treatment does not necessarily mean drugs. Adequate daily hydration is a necessary basic treatment.

1 - Moisturize your skin

Indeed, well hydrated skin on a daily basis reduces the frequency of appearance of rashes. Daily use of a hypoallergenic emollient after bathing on slightly damp skin intensely nourishes it and prevents tightness. For even better effectiveness, it is possible to combine the nutritional approach (oral) with the cosmetic approach (topical) thanks to our creams, all based on glycerin, an effective emollient that will help moisturize the epidermis on the long term (1).

Image of moisturizers


2 - Adopt a cure of food supplements based on phytoceramides

Atopic or dry skin is the result of a lack of lipids in the skin (therefore of ceramides). Adopting my beautiful skin gummies based on phyto-ceramides will bring, via the blood flow, new ceramides to the skin. These with lipid-replenishing properties will help reform the intercellular cement ensuring good cohesion of the hydrolipidic barrier, and will create a protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporation and therefore potential dehydration.

My beautiful skin gummies

3 - Take wheat starch baths

Bathing babies in wheat starch baths relieves episodes of eczema . Wheat starch has emollient and soothing properties. Used in bath water, it softens the water and is ideal for infants with dry skin or who develop eczema . It also makes the skin softer, more supple, more comfortable, less susceptible to inflammation and irritation (7).
On a daily basis, use my cleansing whipped cream which does not disturb the natural balance of the skin.

My washing whipped cream

4 - Favor clothes made of soft and natural materials

Avoid synthetic textiles, wool and favor breathable natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk and loose clothing. Move towards organic cotton fabrics which ensure the purity of the cotton and the absence of potential allergens or pollutants.

5 - Do not wash more than once a day

It's good when you already have to tell them more than once to go to the bath... Washing more than once a day reduces the presence of microorganisms in the skin, which reduce the skin barrier playing a role of protection of the body against external agents (pollution, allergens, drought).

6 - Establish an allergist assessment

Do not start a diet that is too restrictive without first carrying out an allergist check-up which will detect any food allergies . Removing foods that children need on a daily basis could lead to deficiencies in their body.

7 - Ventilate the house well

Airing eliminates pollutants (house dust mites, animal allergens, moulds, chemical products, etc.) which may be factors responsible for allergies such as eczema , asthma or rhinitis. Today, certain cleaning products influence the air quality of our homes, and have doubled in 15 years the percentage of allergy sufferers in industrialized countries. 3

Discover Mes gummies Belle Peau , the ally of eczema-prone skin

To limit water loss from the skin, OUATE has created Belle Peau , organic and vegan food supplements in the form of gummies based on BIO-ceramosides™.

My beautiful skin gummies

These phytoceramides will bring, via the blood flow, new ceramides to the skin. With lipid-replenishing properties, they will help reform the intercellular cement ensuring good cohesion of the hydrolipidic barrier. Creating a protective film on the surface of the skin, they prevent water evaporation and therefore potential dehydration.

Vitamin C, extracted from acerola, will act as an antioxidant and will stimulate the renewal of collagen, the main component of the dermis.

To learn more about bioceramides and vitamin C, visit our ingredients page .

My beautiful skin gummies is THE gentle gesture that takes care of dry and sensitive skin , from the inside. After 14 days of daily intake of BIO ceramosides™, 75% of subjects feel less tightness and regain very soft skin without roughness . Fast, and very efficient!

Those who have tried it are more likely to tell you about it!

Great ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"My 7-year-old daughter's skin is very sensitive (red patches, eczema). We started a course of Gummies in addition to her body cream 10 days ago, and the results are there. Her skin is softer and most of the plaques have disappeared as well as the eczema. We have therefore reduced the use of corticosteroid cream with a natural solution. Thank you" Nadia

Skin that no longer feels tight and softer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"My 13-year-old son has atopic skin. He tested the treatment in order to reduce the feeling of tightness and reduce skin dryness. After 15 days of treatment, the small grains formed by the dryness had disappeared by half and his skin was softer. After a month, he told me that he no longer had any discomfort, the skin hardly felt any more tightness. And the small grains had diminished again. He loves the taste and the fun side of gummies. He manages only the catch, I don't need to remind him. V erdict: he is satisfied and wanted to continue!" Stephanie


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