6 astuces pour venir à bout des poux

6 tips to get rid of head lice

It's well known, August 31st is the start of the school year for teachers, September 1st is that of children ✏️ and on September 2th that of lice. Well no, not this year, at least not at home! Here are our 6 tips to keep lice (all year round) out of your home!

#1. Watch closely: be careful it jumps!

Set one day a week to watch all the heads of the family (and stick to it!) even those of the parents. We switch our mother's hat for that of a detective (shiny). 🔍🕵️

Inspector Gadget

#2. No waiting with the slow: The best defense is the attack

React (and try not to jump) at the slightest sign of scratching... it's (surely) already time! As soon as the teacher warns you of a case in the class, don't wait! Prevention is better than cure… ⏰

#3. Finished the hair in the wind

Palm tree, ponytail, braids… finished the amusement park for lice jumping from wick to wick or from vine to vine like Tarzan and Jane, we fall into line: no more grip, it comes off! We tie the hair and we do not lend the accessories between girlfriends (bar, scrunchie, headband) each his own and everything will be fine. And to put the odds on our side: we spray white vinegar or fine lavender on the hairbrushes and combs used by children.

Finished the hair in the wind

#4. White vinegar after shampooing

Even if it's not their favorite job, wash the children's hair twice a week (easier when the shampoo doesn't sting the eyes). In the evening after the bath and on dry hair, put a little white vinegar in the palm of your hand and apply behind the ears, at the top of the neck and on the ends of the hair. Be careful not to add too much because the vinegar can dry out the hair.

Do not rinse and let dry.

If it is necessary to treat, all the siblings go there, even the parents! It only takes ONE nit to contaminate everything and start all over again...
my washing whipped cream

#5. Fine lavender essential oil

Every morning before leaving for school, put a drop of fine lavender essential oil on the ends of the hair, behind the ears, without forgetting shirt collars, scrunchies, hoods and coats. (Perform a skin tolerance test on the front forearm to see if the skin reacts to the essential oil).

Fine lavender essential oil

#6. Duvet and cushions: hop hop in the washing machine

Do your children take naps at school? Collect cushions and duvets once a week and put everything in the washing machine at 60° and in the dryer.

Duvet and cushions: hop hop in the washing machine

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My washing whipped cream