L’intégration de la différence

Integration of the difference

"Autism is a component of what makes our children unique." Becca Blanks Ratliff

EPEAM, Parent School for Autistic Children of Montreuillois, based in Le Touquet Paris Plage was created in February 2013. 

By supporting EPEAM, OUATE encourages theintegration of difference. Understand that when we are in the company of children with autism, the latter is only one component, and not the proper definition of their personality. They are "children" before being autistic, their disability is not the only aspect that defines them as a person, on the contrary, all children have so much to learn from each other. 

Every day within the EPEAM, children and adolescents are welcomed (in parallel or not to institutional and / or school care) by volunteers trained and supervised by psychologists qualified in Applied Behavior Analysis (known approach). under the name of ABA in the United States and recognized by the Haute Autorité de Santé in 2012). This approach helps them integrate better into social life while sharing their own unique skills with other children.  

In order to best support these children and grow the school, the president Cathy Van den Eede wishes to lead information and training actions on autism in order to raise awarness on this handicap which today affects more than 600,000 people in France: contribute to training of healthcare professionals, Participate in actions to raise public awareness of the reality of autism, support families... The enthusiasm and serenity that reigns in this establishment overflowing with projects is quite simply exciting

Each membership, donation and event constitute a very important part of the funding resources of this school. 

Member of this association and in order to support this project Astrid Mauduit, will donate 10% of internet sales of his care between November 25 and December 2, 2020. Each donation donated allows the children of EPEAM to have access to new methods of care to continue their development. This commitment naturally accompanies Astrid's desire to support the world of childhood. 

For more information on this association, it's here !