La routine du matin 

Morning routine

The time slot from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. The one or the minutes pass at the speed of seconds. This moment of the day when we don't really have the right to miss but rather in the interest of insuring. 

Whether our children are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 years old, whether we have one or five, whether we are 100m from school or a quarter of an hour from transport, without a certain organization, a bad start in the morning quickly capsizes the start of a day. 

We are not talking about military rigor or about a perfect organization to follow to the letter, we are offering you a rhythm to adapt and appropriate so that you and your little world can start a great day together. 

Sleep: the key

A gentle awakening after a sweet night in the arms of Morphée. Surprisingly, everything always works a lot better when everyone has had their needed dose of sleep. The smaller the children, the more they will need to sleep, and thus continue to grow well mentally and physically. 

Trying to go to bed at a fixed time and with a well-established evening routine are reassuring benchmarks that take hold in our children and secure them to sleep well. To help them find their sleep, there is nothing like a soothing atmosphere, quietly reading a few stories, talking about the day after the next day and hugging them with tender hugs. 


Time for me 

When the days go by as quickly as a fighter plane, every moment for yourself is a special moment. By getting up before everyone else, you can savor the calm that reigns around you and you can enjoy a quiet breakfast. 

Taking some time for yourself in the morning is the guarantee to be ready before the children, to be available for them and above all happy to take advantage of them these brief moments before separating and each starting their day.

Meditating, even for five minutes, allows you to take a step back, develop your intuition, your creativity and limit negative emotions such as anger… does that mean anything to you? Meditation is a source of inestimable benefits that brings deep serenity. Not useless before you throw yourself in the mouth of the wolf right?


Get up on the right foot

Softness, calm and kindness. 

There is also no need to wake them up by singing a lullaby but to stimulate them gently so that when they are ready we can gently tackle the morning routine. Rather than entering their room with a crash, we slip towards them, we whisper in their ears that the day is about to begin, we gently turn on the light by spraying them with kisses, we open the curtains and we announce the very short program which will follow and which must be effective ...

A good thing to do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water. Water is rich in trace elements, it stimulates the brain, eliminates toxins, preserves the natural glow of the skin and beautifies the complexion. These virtues are as invigorating as they are essential for their health and good hydration of the skin. A healthy habit and the sooner the better!


Organize the day before 

Whether it's the snacks ready in the backpack, the breakfast table, the clothes for the next day or what will be in your handbag, prepare as much as possible in advance, you will see that you will only be relieved. to be discharged from it. 

To be sure to stay on schedule and that no one slows down or slows down the morning efficiency, we motivate them by having them take turns choosing a song, the goal of course is that before the end everyone is dressed! 

No time for the unexpected, if one prefers to put on his boots and the other his hoodie, rather than saying "No, we don't have time!" "Suggest" Yes, that's a great choice for tomorrow! ". 

In short, all that can be postponed is, we only manage the priority: leaving on time, all dressed, fed and in a good mood!


 A breakfast of champions

Dressed and combed, now is the time for breakfast. Whether they have a lion's appetite or a fly's appetite. The ideal is to swallow at least one fresh fruit, a piece of bread and a hot drink before leaving the nest in order to give them strength and energy. From time to time why not change the traditional bread with butter and bowl of milk? Wouldn't this little world be delighted to be able to bite into a few granola bars prepared together during the weekend? We suggest you try our Oatmeal, Honey, Seed, Banana and Dried Apricot Cookies recipe. As easy to make as it is to eat!

Whether breakfast is eaten at home or on the way to school it doesn't matter, the key is to have fuel for all the energy the morning requires. 


Stick to the routine

To start the day in a positive way, we slip a little word into the gratitude box every morning. A box in which we express why we are happy that this day begins. A box that teaches you to accomplish a goal, to savor the moment and to be grateful. To think about writing this little note every morning, leaving the box in the kitchen, you have to go there! 

The principle is simple, we write on a piece of paper why we are happy that this day is starting. "I'm playing tennis this afternoon", "Mamita is coming to dinner tonight", "Breaded fish in the canteen", "We're celebrating my brother's birthday" etc ... a good habit to learn to say thank you and a good way to take stock over dinner to find out how their day went. 

We are almost ... now brushing teeth, cleaning the face & applying our OUATE moisturizer! 

OUATE offers a whole range of creams with surprising textures, captivating scents and providing invigorating sensations. To each their own treatment to provide them with deep hydration and protect their fragile and delicate skin from external aggressions.


Leave on time, or almost ... 

Mission accomplished everything has been done and the world is ready on time, oh miracle! No… well done! 

Last scan on each child before slamming the door (we also remember not to go by the wayside…) and we try not to forget our keys!