Annoncer une grossesse à ses enfants

Announce pregnancy to your children

Already in the midst of a hormonal upheaval, an essential step follows when you are already a mother: announcing your pregnancy to your elders. Between the joy, the excitement, the emotion, the questions, the announcement of the arrival of this baby is always a moving moment. 

Announce it to two

Regardless of the age of your elders, announcing it with your other half in a natural way and with a lot of peace of mind normalizes the news. Choosing a calm moment and using simple words are important, giving time marks (even if they do not really master them!) Helps to find one's bearings and to reassure. Then take the time to answer their questions and reassure them of any concerns so that, from the start, they feel at ease. 

They say that it is better to wait until the end of the third month to announce the news, but instinct sometimes takes over, children feel everything and can sometimes display a behavior that does not necessarily resemble them, or on the contrary not manifest anything. at all ... Depending on their character, their age, we actually really do as we feel. The important thing is to speak, communicate, reassure them and that the children always feel safe.  

Some parents were quite surprised to see their child touch their mother's tummy during the first month of pregnancy by pointing to "baby" when no information had yet been given. Others say that months after asking for a baby sister, the day her mom finds out she is pregnant, her baby girl tells her, "I know she's coming soon, my little sister!" ". Rather astounding effect! 

Intuition is an amazing feeling. Adults we are taught to let her guide us and especially to listen to her. In children it manifests itself differently, it lets itself live without commandments, and when this intuition that children have is confirmed, it awakens them to their interiority and the importance of trusting each other. 


Speak with your heart

Once the information begins to digest, at the slightest torment reassure them with simple words and let them know that your love is endless! Through a drawing or gesture, let them visualize a growing heart where each child has the same place. They need to understand that love does not divide, on the contrary, it multiplies! 


See the baby grow up through books 

Many charming stories prepare children for this joyful and upsetting arrival in a family. Whether it is through children's books, more concrete images, the important thing is that they understand in appropriate words what is going on in your womb. Now is a good time to tell them your memories of when you were expecting and the joy * this pregnancy has given you so they can feel good. TO SEE IF WE ADD ON * (it wasn't just nausea, extreme fatigue or repeated discomfort ... the first movements were tasty!)


Wait (im) patiently for the day of his arrival

When it seems appropriate to you, we prepare more concretely for the arrival of this baby. Hang drawings above your cradle, sort toys, books… make room for it together in your universe. We take the time to explain the daily life at home with a baby, specifying that it will require (a lot) of your time at the beginning and that it will not (immediately) be the ideal accomplice for missions (constructions, experiences, nonsense ...) to which he or she would already like to send it! 


Preserve its rituals 

The anecdotes of the day told in the bathtub, the care rituals in the bathroom, the story before going to bed ... we do everything to keep the same rhythm, and we try to maintain it with the arrival of the baby. "Everything must change so that nothing changes" (Lampedusa). 

Having a routine already structures the benchmarks, keeping the habits established allows them to be reassured. A child needs the security and stability that these rituals give them when they are shared with their parents on a daily basis. So even if everyday life will be (at the beginning) a little upset, and your life will (a little) change, it continues and everything that has been established must continue to be applied because all these little daily things allow to continue to build this fundamental balance together. 

 And then one day finally arrives this moment, this moment so moving, this meeting that we were so waiting for ... 

We don't tell you more, for now, if it is only to savor the beginning of this incomparable adventure!