Transmettre à ses enfants 

Pass on to his children

As a child, when we have shared precious moments with a person we love deeply, when that person has taken the time to tell us, to explain to us and to give to us, that indelible mark remains in us that is theimprint of memory. These notions which were instilled in us, which remain engraved, accompany us every day, structure us, strengthen us and reassure us. 

It all starts with example 

Give and expect nothing in return! Isn't that unconditional love? The gentleness of certain gestures, taking the time to listen, reassure, talk to each other. 

We cannot expect our children to behave ideally; just like us, parents, are obviously not always perfectly exemplary! It is simply a matter of finding the right balance, of trying to temper ourselves when we are (really) angry, to be attentive to the needs of those around us, to know how to question ourselves, to apologize, to show our pride. aside, ask things politely, respect his business and our environment, take care of the people we love ... each of our gestures, each of our behaviors are analyzed, absorbed and then interpreted by our children. So this is how we convey to them (sometimes even unconsciously) what we love. By being ourselves, they are aware of who we are and little by little they are inspired by it in order to adapt it to their personality.  

Some essential values 

When we become parents, we want only the best for our children. Above all, their security, their happiness, their well-being, a happy development ...

As they grow up, they need to understand and then acquire certain concepts: 

- Self-respect, respect for others, an important component in everyone's personality. To be aware of it and to become aware of it cannot be anchored without associating it with benevolence. Values cannot be understood without being transmitted because everything is felt, by a child, through behaviors, gestures, words, through the way we, their parents, live. 

- Learn to take care of objects, to have a sense of effort, to have self-confidence, to be polite, to learn to share, to forgive, to enjoy the present moment ... 

The base

The basis for transmitting values, ultimately, passes above all through a self-confidence rooted in a development in a safe environment. It is up to us, parents, to provide this security by being open to discussion, by explaining the why and how (not always obvious, we do our best!), By teaching them the notion of freedom of thought in order to have the necessary distance and thus be able to develop their critical thinking

Once confidence is established, it offers an (almost) unlimited field of discovery (welcome to the experiment) because the child feels at ease and above all internally secure (shield activated!).  

Freedom to think

“Don't do this, don't do that, come here and put yourself there” in the words of Jacques Dutronc in the famous song “Fais pas ci, faire pas ça”; we have a small idea of education in the late 1960s: to impose without explaining. 

Sometimes we have to admit having recourse to it, for lack of energy, patience or ideas ... And yet, adults, we appreciate understanding and having explanations, when faced with a complication; it helps us to question ourselves, overcome obstacles and move forward. 

Why shouldn't children be entitled to it too? Is the dialogue not a solution to defuse complications? 

Explaining them allows them to take a step back and especially to understand that any contradiction they want is not (necessarily) just injustice! 

The main thing is that they understand what we want to instill in them and this should not be seen as a bad thing. So it's about trying to present them with kindness, patience, listening and explanations. 

Self-knowledge through your body

If we don't respect ourselves then how do we respect others?

Taking care of yourself is doing yourself good in order to feel good. Easy! 

Doing good is undoubtedly through the body, through the practice of a sport, and also through the skin. Self-knowledge is achieved through learning to take care of yourself and this from an early age. Every being, in harmony with itself, gives off a beneficent and reassuring aura. 

When the skin discovers new textures, curiosity is aroused; when the mind feels aligned with what the body practices, every sensation is savored, we learn to listen to and know each other

Sharing these moments of learning and discovery with them are key memories in their memory (and ours too!).

Beyond the trace that remains, the imprint is unforgettable. 

Rome wasn't built in a day

Our daily work will bear fruit little by little, it will be built and grow at the same time as our children. 

Be patient, the results are not always immediate! In the meantime, take advantage of these moments of sharing, take the time to be together and give pride of place to perseverance!   

Nothing is transmitted without passion

Without imposing anything, we are only suggesting. Without forcing we are only proposing. We choose to transmit to them basic notions that are important to us, to make them discover what we like, what makes us happy, what makes us good, to share our passions with them, to send them what we would like to do last through generations, a benevolent lot of what time can never erase.


To transmit is to share ; they are proofs of love, moments of complicity, of gentleness; it is time spent securing their inner well-being. 

And then finally, have we also thought about listening to what they have to offer us, what they would like to share? By listening to them, we realize that they too have things to pass on to us, with passion and wonder!