5 astuces pour préparer son enfant avant le 1er voyage en classe découverte

5 tips to prepare your child before the first discovery class trip

When we learn that our children 's school is organizing a discovery class trip and that it is the first, let's face it, our first reaction is a silky mixture of great emotion and elation! It's his first vacation without us, the beginnings of independence... Before leaving, let's prepare together and in advance, business and state of mind so that on the day of the big departure, hugs and kisses may be the heart slightly tight but in the enthusiasm and joy of quickly finding each other and telling each other everything!

1 - Reassure the most worried and explain to them why they are going to have an extraordinary week

In direct connection with nature and its sources of considerable benefits, the discovery class invites children to open up to others, to discover nature , to create links, to be more autonomous .

Being warned about 4 months in advance, everyone has time to prepare, especially those who are not quite ready yet.
Going with your school in a discovery class has (very) many advantages... Far from parents, from everyday life, they will forge strong ties with their great friends and their teacher, learn lots of great things around the theme of the week, the region they will discover. Immersed in this new environment, they better understand what they are studying being put in the field, taking their heads out of their books.

They will learn to encourage each other, surpass themselves, live in community. A week that will stimulate their curiosity, their desire to explore and teach them to be more independent, but also reckless and caring thanks to these few days of community life.

To reassure toddlers in this new step towards more autonomy, don't forget to slip the essentials for washing their clothes, My gentle duo , into their suitcase to keep the same habits and make it "just like at home".

My sweet duo

2 - Bring together the best friends to anticipate the blues

A few weeks before departure, plan to invite the best friends for a snack or a lunch and ask some key questions so that they are ready if they have to go through some temporary troubles….
  • Typical example: “What to do if you need a hug?”, “Who to go see if you don't feel well?” …
  • Explain that it's completely normal to have a little grief at some point, but that the week will pass very quickly, that they will be well surrounded, that they will receive letters and that we will think of them every instant. (find other examples)
  • See with the teacher if it is possible to organize the rooms before departure, and above all that the children agree… They will leave reassured and without any unpleasant surprises on arrival.
  • Anticipate by talking about the destination: what we do there, the specialties, how is the region? Discuss the program with the children and their friends planned by the teacher so that the children are delighted beforehand with what they will discover together.

3 - Checklist of the suitcase to pack together

You can slip in everything you need for the week. Ideally one outfit per day with all belongings labeled. To be sure that everything comes home, we write on a list what is packed there... Do not forget the bag of dirty laundry to teach them how to put away the day's business, to be a little more independent and less scatter. And if they can keep these good habits once they get home, even better!

In the suitcase, of course, we slip My cleansing whipped cream ! An essential star at home, its success in the showers of the center is undeniable... Stunning and very original, its creamy and silky texture is also very moisturizing. Another advantage: thanks to its 3-in-1 cleansing foam, you no longer need to think about shampoo...

My washing whipped cream

See with the teacher if a nightlight or flashlight is tolerated. The flashlight will indeed be very useful to guide them in the middle of the night towards small corners (if necessary) and the night light in case they are afraid of the dark can avoid some annoyances. One or two books that they particularly like (and that they can read on their own) and a cuddly toy impregnated with our scent; anti blues ideal to put balm in their hearts.

Before closing the suitcase, we slip in a sweet word (and simple if they just learn to read…) that they will be surprised to discover when they arrive.

4 - Send a letter or two 3 days before departure so that she waits quietly on arrival

And ask a few other family members to participate in the project. The more they receive during their stay, the more they will know how much they are loved and how much they are thought of. Renewal of confidence, motivation and enthusiasm fully assured!

5 - Send positive vibes to each other at a fixed time during the day

If you know from the start that at 8:30 p.m. sharp the children will be in bed with the lights out imminently... tell them that at that moment you will be thinking immensely of them telepathically doing all the things you used to do together at home: imaginary stories, huge hugs… your daily care ritual OUATE . Each day completed brings them closer to that of the long-awaited reunion, enough to sleep peacefully at the idea of ​​meeting you soon!

In the discovery class, the children all share the same experience and learn to respect the rules and the environment. A real source of emotional and social learning far from habits and everyday life. After being immersed in another world, they return enriched, strong from this great experience and delighted. In 5 days they have learned so much and above all grown!


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