On a testé les cours d’anglais en ligne avec NOVAKID : 4 bonnes raisons pour découvrir et essayer

We tested online English courses with NOVAKID: 4 good reasons to discover and try

When a child learns a second language and it is practiced regularly, it is quickly assimilated. All learning stimulates curiosity, develops the imagination and increases self-confidence. A child's brain is in its image: it likes to have fun and to be challenged. !

Discover online English lessons with NOVAKID , which trains children from the age of 4 with enthusiasm and fun to learn this now essential and essential language.


1 - Personalized lessons for each child and adapted to their age

Between the ages of 4 and 6 , learning the language is not an objective for children. We learn above all through play, carefully supervised by an English-speaking teacher.

Level 1 of the Novakid program is designed for 6 to 7 year olds . In a fun and engaging way, children dramatically expand their vocabulary and learn how to master basic grammatical structures. The children begin to read in English and understand the questions addressed to them.

Level 2 of the Novakid program is created for 8 to 9 year olds . Children learn English in an engaging way. They feel more confident having already acquired many words on various topics and on basic grammatical constructions. They can express simple thoughts, understand the teacher, participate in elementary conversation. At the end of Level 2, children are ready to take the Pre-A1 Exam (YLE Beginners) (Listening and Speaking).

Level 3 of the Novakid program is created for children from 10 to 11 years old . Learning not only involves expanding vocabulary and studying “advanced” grammar, but also opens up a unique opportunity for students to learn school subjects in English! The course includes CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) courses, i.e. classes in Geography, Maths, Chemistry, History, etc. in a foreign language. After completing Level 3, a child can take an A1 (YLE Movers) exam (listening and speaking).

Adapting to the age and motor skills of children is one of the main missions at OUATE because each age group develops different skills.
Each of our treatments is designed and adapted to their still slightly clumsy hands, so that, depending on their age, they can use them independently. A child who knows he is capable of handling an object encourages confidence building.

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2 - Certified English-speaking teachers

Children learn with native , certified and experienced teachers: the most effective way to obtain rapid results and an enriching approach for the child who opens up to a new culture. Each teacher is certified to teach English as a foreign language and has experience teaching online.

To reassure the child, and translate in case, a parent or an adult must be present at least for the trial lesson. Five minutes before the lesson, the exercises appear on the platform according to the theme of the lesson. Encourage your child to do this, it's a good warm-up! The cheerful and smiling teacher appears on your screen, the lesson begins.

3 - Fun interactive lessons

Taught with playfulness , the program of each lesson adapts to the level of the children. Attentive and benevolent, the teachers repeat sentences, letters or words when they are not pronounced correctly so that they are understood, assimilated and finally acquired.
Immersion begins immediately . The English-speaking instructor immediately captures the attention knowing perfectly how to communicate, even in a language that our children do not yet fully master ... Encouraging and enthusiastic, they congratulate the children who gradually gain in confidence and express themselves more and more easily. Each explanation is based on facial expressions, gestures and visual material: colored slides, interactive games, cards and toys.
No time to get bored, you can't see the time passing! Each learning session lasts 40 minutes and consists of 5 minutes of warm-up, 25 minutes of lesson (a short format to not get tired and stay focused) and 10 minutes of gamified practice to finish. Children thus acquire information efficiently and attentively. At the end of the lesson, if your child wants to continue, he can practice with exercises of about 10 to 15 minutes. In the form of a game, they relate to the lesson of the day.

Then the teacher sends an evaluation, listing in a very encouraging way all the positive points and specifying what needs to be reviewed based on exercises seen during the course. From the outset, children have only one desire: to get started and progress!

As the classes are recorded you can review the recordings to review what was worked on, or check how the class went.

Playfulness is one of the common points between OUATE and Novakid. Innovative textures, subtle and light fragrances, gentle and adapted active ingredients. Each treatment is designed to playfully encourage regularity. And when the desire is there, the results are seen!

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4 - Home lessons to save time!

To adapt to the schedule of the children AND the parents, choose the lesson that best suits your organization of the week. Teachers are also accessible during weekends and public holidays , everything is thought out so that children learn with flexibility! Being at home, in their environment, they feel confident and assimilate learning almost like a game, less rigorous than at school while being just as educational.

A first trial lesson is offered to see if it suits your child, then several lesson options are possible depending on your schedule! Novakid recommends up to 3 lessons per week, depending on your child's schedule and general condition.
Let's not forget that they need free time to do nothing and stimulate their imagination!
All information can be found on the novakid website: www.novakid.fr