On a testé la Cité des Sciences

We tested the City of Sciences

At the gates of Paris, that of La Villette more precisely, a place out of time. In the City of Science and Industry , the city of children* .

City of science and industry

In this space where the awakening of the senses through playfulness reigns supreme, the primary vocation is to introduce children to science and technology through playful activities designed for them. Most of them are based on a simple principle: learning while having fun and whetting children's natural curiosity .

A unique place

Which accommodates 6 different spaces. We discover other means of communication than the telephone, we learn to balance, we grasp what an actor feels on a set in front of a camera... a place as rich as it is varied, wonderful for becoming aware of the capacities of the body and of its operation.
The children in each activity learn by observing , and are immersed in a world where self-discovery , and the discovery of the world around them, becomes an endless source of pleasure !

Exciting spaces

In the activities that will have captivated us the most, we mention how energy is transformed, learning Arabic and Chinese writing, sign language .

Communication area - City of science and industry

As well as the race (frantic and repeated several times) to measure the distance traveled in record time, observe the movement of our bones while we pedal on a bicycle... The children were fascinated by the water games making them take awareness of the power of the latter and their strengths through different experiences that have enchanted them all.

City of science and industry

And finally, the tropical atmosphere of a greenhouse with exotic butterflies twirling from one flower to another of the same color as its wings, and the observation of a box presenting the chrysalises at their different stages of evolution until until the magic happens!

City of science and industry

Visiting each space is full of ingenious , interesting and fun activities. Often intense discoveries, where the children overflowing with enthusiasm do not necessarily know where to start... It is therefore necessary not to hesitate to accompany them in each activity so that the time on site is optimized at best.

A visit to be prepared in advance

The 1h30 slots are strictly timed, as soon as the hour has passed the time on site is over.

In the 6 spaces it is better to favor 3 or 4 according to the interests of your children. The choice is difficult because everything is very interesting, and in each space the children want to study and participate in each activity, and time passes (very) quickly.

To prepare your visit before going to the Cité des enfants, all the information is here .

If you have the opportunity to go there outside of school hours, go for it! The city of children in small groups is an unforgettable experience .

*City of children 5-12 years old