5 astuces pour optimiser son séjour à la montagne avec les enfants sans revenir épuisé.e

5 tips to optimize your stay in the mountains with the children without coming back exhausted.

Holidays with children are not always the most relaxing... And yet... a big part is played in the organization and letting go to enjoy the present moment.
So that you don't go home even more exhausted than on the way out, here are our tips for a stay in the mountains that is as refreshing as it is relaxing, which will make you tackle your daily lifestyle again with peace of mind!

1. Schedule daycare or ski lessons in advance

Avoid finding yourself tearing your hair out as soon as you arrive to find THE right time slot. It remains all the more complicated if you want to enroll siblings in ski lessons or daycare... Whether you are team Piou piou, private or group lessons, orchestrating this file in advance will make your mind (already) arrive on site. light. The proud and delighted toddlers will be taken care of for a few hours a day to let you admire at the end of the schuss stay, prowess and exploits!

2. Schedule time to pamper yourself 

During ski lessons or time at daycare, go and immerse yourself in your favorite activity: a long walk, a giant massage, a space nap, sunbathing, just a bath (or you won't be able to resist to the desire to sting them, neither seen nor known, the creamy cleansing whipped cream ), or immerse yourself in this book which has been patiently patient on the bedside table for months... take this time for YOU, that each moment rejuvenates you, soothes you , rests you.


3. Let go of subjects that can upset you

Especially at the level of their plate! The holidays are for everyone so if it has to be done without having swallowed a single green bean “pazienza”. In the category of foods that are easy to cook, declinable and sure to please, is named: the potato ! Satiating and full of vitamins and minerals, it can be enjoyed in all its forms: sautéed, steamed, mashed… The advantage is that you can use them without ever getting tired of them!

To go even further in letting go, the following are recommended: picnic lunches or restaurants on the slopes . Plan a backpack and the lunch break stage, when you ski with children it's better to know beforehand the pleasant (and kids friendly) places where you can stop and enjoy a good lunch .

4. Plan an original and fun family activity

Let yourself slide on ice skates at the ice rink and savor these feelings of lightness, go on an adventure in a dog sled ride and survey the hidden corners of the valley, find those laughter of our youth while descending the slopes sledding , admire the peaks of the mountain and these breathtaking views while splashing around in a natural hot water bath outdoors, play card games, board games or simply games with the children...!

The mountain is teeming with activities to enjoy with the family, unforgettable moments and memories so especially, for you who only go there once a year: take advantage of it.

5. Travel light

To try it is to adopt it. Whether you have rented an apartment or whether you are going to a hotel, having a washing machine reduces the space in your suitcases but not only! Their ski coat on the back, we pack 2 technical tops, 2 sweaters and 2 pants, sufficient base to turn around with the rest of the things that they will need and save time (hallucinating) when it comes to packing and unpacking.

Pssst : However, two essentials should not be overlooked: My cleansing whipped cream and our Belle Peau gummies ! After going from one temperature extreme to the other, the skin needs softness and hydration. 3 in 1 cleansing foam and food supplements with bio-ceramosides to hydrate the skin from the inside, their mission during your holidays will be to cleanse, protect and hydrate the skin from head to toe against the cold.

Pack them with your eyes closed! Very light, they will slip casually into a small corner of the suitcase. You will be delighted once there to savor their benefits, and when you return, delighted to have known perfectly how to preserve your children's skin.

Beautiful skin

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