On a testé MEDBYME, une application bien-être pour toute la famille

We tested MEDBYME, a well-being application for the whole family

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What was your background before creating this application?

My name is Laure Gomez Montoya, I am both a hypnotherapist and co-founder of the Medbyme application. Before becoming a hypnotherapist, I was a journalist, editor and documentary filmmaker. And so, in this new professional life, I fell in love with hypnosis and brief therapy, and I co-founded medbyme in almost a year and a half.

  • Could you describe the concept in one sentence?

Medbyme is the only application that brings together all the therapeutic practices to do good. So we can, with medbyme, learn to manage stress, sleep better, by doing hypnosis, sophrology, acupressure, coaching,

  • When was it born?

We launched the app a year ago, and the idea came during the first lockdown. How could we learn to do good?

  • Why the name “medbyme”?

There is a little play on words, if you can hear "made" so "done" by myself, you say to yourself that you have this ability to do yourself good.

  • What is the difference between medbyme and other wellness apps?

The difference between Medbyme and its competitors is that medbyme is the only application that brings together all therapeutic practices in one place. We know apps for meditation, to quit smoking, to sleep better... In medbyme, we'll find everything: all in one! And then, it is also for the whole family, it is an application that is aimed at adults as well as children, as well as teenagers.

  • What is the format of these programs? How do they fit together?

In the medbyme programs, there are two kinds of programs: there are what I call “one shot” capsules: you want to sleep, you listen to a hypnosis session. We want to manage our stress, we listen to a sophrology session. We want to do good, we watch a yoga video. These are “one shot” capsules. Then there are what are called programs: for example, there is "quit smoking", which lasts 8 days. You also learn to regain self-confidence, over 21 days. Etc. There are therefore several formulas, either in “one shot” or in a program over several days or weeks.

  • What sessions do you offer for children? (hypnosis etc.)

For children, we have “one shot” sessions: stop wetting the bed, stop biting their nails, learn to manage pain, sleep better, and stress too. What works well for the child are hypnosis and acupressure. Acupressure is a derivative of acupuncture but adapted to children.

  • Why is hypnosis a good tool for children?

It's a great tool for children because children, when they play, are in this state of hypnosis. The fact of being focused on his toys, he is in the story. From the moment the child is in the story, focused on something else, suggestions can bring about changes in behavior that can cause problems for the parents or the child himself.

  • Do you have to listen to the sessions several times? Do I as parents have to be present while he listens?

As these sessions are recorded, they are not as well suited as when you go to see a hypnotherapist in a one-to-one session. It is therefore preferable to listen to the capsules several times. I still have feedback from a user who explains to us that her daughter was afraid of flying and that in one session she stopped being afraid, once was enough!

Parents can of course be present while the child listens to the session, but if the child is comfortable he can listen to it alone. He does not specifically need the presence of the parents.

  • From what age can you do hypnosis?

In the application, from 6/7 years old, the sessions are completely adapted. For a session in physics, it is possible as soon as the child knows how to express himself.

  • What is the scope of hypnosis for children?

The field of action is as for adults, that is to say, it is very very wide. We can deal with very concrete issues such as stopping wetting the bed, biting our nails, regaining self-confidence, etc.

  • A tip for toddlers to sleep?

There's an extraordinary book called “child fall asleep” or something like that. I do not have the exact translation in French because it is a book that I had read in Spanish. This book explained that we teach children everything: to eat, to walk, to ride a bike, but we don't teach them to sleep. But sleeping is something you learn. Quite simply already, being aware that when the child is sleeping and we are not next to him, the child is doing very well. So even in the maternity ward, start telling the child that it's time to sleep, it's time for him to go to bed. "Everything is fine, I'm next, I have my life too", the child will therefore be reassured. And this leads to a virtuous circle, which makes children sleep well. And I assure you it works.

Link for the book: https://www.amazon.fr/Du%C3%A9rmete-ni%C3%B1o-Go-sleep-child/dp/8490328625

  • Do you have any customer feedback that you would like to share with us?

A user told us that her daughter was afraid of the plane had listened to our session against the fear of the plane and in one go she boarded the plane much more serene and this fear disappeared. And she never came back.

  • A mantra to share with the mothers who listen to us?

LET'S SMILE. Let's keep smiling because children are joy, it's a smile. We could keep that from childhood and keep trying to smile. And when you smile, it activates hormones and you feel better.

  • Medbyme, how does it work? Is there a subscription?

It can be downloaded on both android and smartphone. The application can be tested for 7 days for free. After 7 days, there is the possibility to subscribe.

There are two formulas :

  • Monthly at 4.90€
  • Annual at 39.90€

Code : OUATE

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It gives free access to the application for 1 month.