3 étapes pour prendre soin de la peau des bambinis à la montagne

3 tips to protect the skin of children in the mountains

Preparing our children 's skin before going to the mountains has considerable benefits. The cocktail of sun, cold and temperature differences can play some big tricks on their fine, fragile and particularly sensitive skin...

1 - Anticipate skin dryness and strengthen its protective barrier (the famous hydrolipidic film) with Belle Peau

We deeply nourish and protect our children 's skin while moisturizing it from the inside . A Belle Peau cure is 2 gummies a day for 30 days to provide the skin with a concentrate of moisturizing active ingredients thanks to:
  • With bio ceramosides (ceramides made from plants) which restore the skin barrier and limit water loss.
  • With vitamin C which protects cells from oxidative stress.

To learn more about bio ceramides and acerola (rich in vitamin C), go to our ingredients page .

Photo of my beautiful skin gummies

2- Hydrate the skin

To properly protect the skin of our children in the mountains , drinking water throughout the day is essential in order to maintain good hydration and prevent the appearance of potential skin dryness.
Two other essentials: an SPF 50 sunscreen during the day and a moisturizer at night!

Photo of moisturizers

3- After the descents, savor the relaxation!

Immerse yourself in a good whipped bath with My cleansing whipped cream to relax and pamper the skin of our great skiers. 3 in 1 cleaner, it does not sting the eyes. With 95% ingredients of natural origin, its lime blossom and provitamin B5 combination moisturizes, soothes and regenerates.

To learn more about linden and provitamin B5, visit our ingredients page .

The pampered skin is ready to rest!

Photo of my washing whipped cream

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