3 causes de la peau sèche en montagne

3 causes of dry skin in the mountains

Preparing our children 's skin before going to the mountains has considerable benefits. The cocktail of sun, cold and temperature differences can play some big tricks on their fine, fragile and particularly sensitive skin...

1- Cold, dry air and wind in the mountains increase water loss from the skin

The higher you go in altitude, the lower the air humidity and therefore the drier the skin. The wind, freezing temperatures, the face soaked by snowfall or reddened by the sun… are factors that dry out and weaken the epidermis, especially the finer areas such as the lips, the skin of the hands and the cheeks. Before your stay, a treatment with Mes gummies Belle Peau will prepare children's skin and strengthen its protection!

Photo of my beautiful skin gummies Photo of my awesome balm

2- The effects of the mountain on our thirst

The feeling of thirst is often less present during cold and dry weather. The reflex to drink is less felt when on the contrary it is all the more necessary for us because the mountain dries out the skin by increasing its water loss.

3- Beware of the sun even on cloudy days

The reflection of the sun on the snow is (very) harmful for the skin.
The preconceived idea that in the mountains, because it is cold, the skin does not risk anything is illusory.
The sun's rays, even on cloudy days, always reach us. UVA and UVB rays (which certainly decrease in winter and are less dangerous) are under no circumstances to be taken lightly… Gradually deteriorating the skin, they are responsible for premature aging, sunburn and skin cancer.

However, these rays, with vigilance, take advantage of them! Source of vitamin D, exposing yourself to it strengthens the immune system (to resist and deal with temporary illnesses), brightens the complexion and improves general well-being.
With caution…because in the mountains, the reverberation is even stronger than at the seaside: 80% of ultraviolet rays are reflected on the snow.

It is therefore necessary to generously apply a high protection index (SPF 50) to the skin of the face and renew the application at least once during the day. Another essential: sunglasses to protect the eyes which allow UV rays to pass through the lens.

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