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My artist perfume

27 total reviews

Scented brush

✨ Gel texture
🌿 +95% natural and vegan origin
♻️ Refillable brush
🇫🇷   Made in France
👧 Suitable for children aged 4 and up
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    Ingrédients magiques


    Un jeu d'enfants

    Directions for use: Unscrew the yellow cap of the cartridge then insert the cartridge into the brush and screw. Then, open the cover of the brush and press on the bottom of the cartridge until you get a drop of scented gel. Finally, apply the brush.

    Ergonomics: Advocating autonomy in children is one of the major challenges of our commitments! With Mon Parfum d'Artiste 👩‍🎨, one click delivers the right dose 🙌 . And because we always want to stay playful, it's a brush that reveals the aromas of our perfume! A brush yes, but why? It is a tool that they know well and that they master the use of! It is great for stimulating their creativity and letting their imagination run wild!

    Consignes recyclage

    Cardboard case and its hold: Sorting bin (yellow bin)
    Refills: Sorting bin (yellow bin)

    Rather than a glass bottle, OUATE has chosen recycled and recyclable plastic packaging, it is printed with vegetable inks. The scent brush is also refillable so it won't get thrown away!

    Its cardboard packaging is to be thrown in the sorting bin (yellow bin) and its refills as well.

    Sorting instructions may vary locally.

    My artist perfume
    My artist perfume
    My artist perfume
    My artist perfume

    La Ouate Family l'adore

    • "An ingenious idea, this perfume to be applied with a brush. No risk of getting it in her eyes. My 7-year-old daughter is so happy to have hers! The smell is subtle and very pleasant."

      Sarah S.

    Questions fréquentes

    Pourquoi une contenance de 5 ml par recharge ?

    From the age of 4, the hydrolipidic film of children's skin is in full construction. The skin is therefore more vulnerable to external aggressions and it is 3 times thinner than that of an adult. The dermis is immature with small spaced cells which intensify water loss and ultimately the dehydration of the child's skin.

    In addition, the which participate in the creation of the hydrolipidic film and which help to fight skin dryness are not very active.

    In summary, c.ildren's skin is particularly sensitive and fragile and requires a daily routine including hydration and protection.

    Can my child under 4 years old use it?

    The gel and spray-free texture of Mon Parfum d'Artiste ensures safe application thanks to its brush applicator. It is suitable for all skin types, even before 4 years old. In addition, this pivotal age of 4 years was chosen because it is at this time that the child gains autonomy. However, for very reactive skin, we always recommend applying a small amount to the inside of the wrist to check for any reaction.

    What is the ear touch?

    My Artist's Perfume is also an opportunity to travel through time that tells the story of the perfuming gesture. This famous "ear touch", a delicate gesture that perfumers in the 17th century used to introduce their new fragrances. Reinterpreting this “ear touch” gesture with a paintbrush, an object recognized in a child’s universe, was obvious to us!

    Why not make a more classic spray perfume?

    Promoting autonomy in children is one of our commitments! We have therefore opted for a gel texture, without spray, to ensure safe application and thus avoid any risk of splashing in the eyes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Julie Alves Djeffal
    Bonne odeur

    Reçu dans les temps bonne odeur jolie design à voir à l’utilisation

    Laura Rozan

    Super produit ma fille adore pour l’autonomie c’est parfait et surtout faire comme maman.

    Emilie Rameau
    Parfum pratique

    De parfumer de façon ludique et rapidement , parfait

    Super parfum

    J’ai commandé le parfum pour mon fils de 5 ans et demi car il serait heureux de mettre lui aussi du parfum. A Pâques les cloches lui offriront avec les chocolats son tout premier parfum, je l’ai senti et j’adore