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My gentle cleanser

114 total reviews

Cleansing and soothing micellar water - 150ml

💦 Cleans & soothes
🌿 95% natural origin and vegan
🇬🇧 Made in France
🔬 Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control
👧 Suitable for sensitive skin from 4 years old
♻️ Refillable bottle
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    Efficacité prouvée

    95% of testers were fully satisfied with My gentle cleanser.


    • 100% of testers found that the product left skin feeling comfortable, without tightness.
    • 82% of testers found that the product relieved irritation.
    • 91% of testers found that the product gently cleansed the skin.


    91% of testers found that the texture did not leave a sticky film.

    Clinical study, 21 days, 22 testers

    Ingrédients magiques

    Magical ingredients:
    Provitamin B5: Renowned for its cleansing properties.
    Betaine: Known for its soothing properties.


    The list of ingredients may be subject to change. Be sure to always check the list of ingredients on the purchased product.

    The perfume: A perfume with floral, aquatic, fruity and musky notes.
    96% of testers find that the scent is pleasant and fresh (clinical study, 21 days, 22 testers)

    Un jeu d'enfants

    Directions for use: Apply to the face using a cotton pad morning and evening without rinsing.

    Ergonomics: Easy to use alone from 4 years old, My gentle cleanser has an intelligent dispenser. Just press the pot-buzzer, like in games, to get the right dose of product! 100% of testers find the product easy to use (clinical study, 21 days, 22 testers).

    Consignes recyclage

    Bottle > Sorting bin (Yellow bin)
    Tube > Household waste bin (Green bin)

    Unscrew the pump and throw it in the household waste bin (green bin). Indeed, in a pump, there are still small metal components which make it non-recyclable for the moment... but we are working hard with the manufacturers to find solutions! The bottle should be thrown in the sorting bin (yellow bin).

    Sorting instructions may vary locally.

    My gentle cleanser
    My gentle cleanser
    My gentle cleanser
    My gentle cleanser

    La Ouate Family l'adore

    • "Second purchase for my 4 and a half year old daughter, I am very satisfied and she too with the product. The smell is very pleasant. The autonomy gained by the ease of use is a time saver for mum and a joy for my daughter."

      Patricia M.

    Questions fréquentes

    Pourquoi faut il prendre soin de la peau des enfants ?

    From the age of 4, the hydrolipidic film of children's skin is in full construction. The skin is therefore more vulnerable to external aggressions and it is 3 times thinner than that of an adult. The dermis is immature with small spaced cells which intensify water loss and ultimately dehydration of the child's skin.

    In addition, the sebaceous glands which participate in the creation of the hydrolipidic film and which make it possible to fight against the drying of the skin are not very active.

    In summary, the skin of children is particularly sensitive and fragile and requires a daily routine including hydration and protection.

    Is the perfume allergenic?

    Our formulas contain a low concentration of fragrance without allergens to stimulate the sensory development of children and increase the pleasure of applying the products while respecting their skin. Because when the desire is there, the results are seen!

    Can my child under 4 years old use it?

    Because the packaging has been studied to correspond to their motricity, anticipating a purchase in the higher category would not guarantee an optimal experience. However, the formula of My gentle cleanser is completely compatible for the sensitive skin of children under 4 years old.

    What is Cetrimonium bromide used for in the formula?

    It is a preservative that has multiple properties as an antimicrobial, antistatic, surfactant and emulsifying agent. It is widely used in micellar waters to prevent the development of microorganisms in an aqueous medium. At the concentration used, it is harmless to the skin. However, rare cases of skin sensitization have been reported so for very reactive skin, we always recommend applying a small amount to the inside of the wrist to check for any reaction.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Adoptés par mes enfants

    L'odeur est toppissime. Une pompe suffit sur un coton pour le visage entier. Mes enfants l'ont adoptés !

    Céline Beauvais
    Génial !

    Mon fils adore. Le principe de pompe, le rend très autonome. Le parfum est parfait

    Pour mon fils de 10 ans, très satisfaite.

    Très contente de cette lotion, grande facilitée d’utilisation, la bouteille est juste top. Mon fils est complètement autonome et il a adopté une routine très rapidement.
    La lotion sent très bon et après une semaine d’utilisation sa peau n’a plus d’imperfections!!
    Merci beaucoup! Je recommande vivement.

    Toujours au top 😊

    "Mon nettoyant douceur" est devenu LE moyen essentiel, rapide et efficace pour le debarbouillage quotidien. Et en plus il sent très bon, il est pratique.