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My sweet duo

8 total reviews

Cleansing and soothing micellar water and washable cleansing discs

My gentle cleanser :
💦 Cleans & soothes
🌿 95% natural and vegan origin
🇫🇷   Made in France
🔬 Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control
👧 Suitable for sensitive skin from 4 years old
♻️ Flacon rechargeable

My zero washcloths waste :
♻️ Reusable
🇫🇷   Made in France
✅ Oeko-tex certified fabrics and threads
👧 Suitable for sensitive skin from 4 years old
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    Efficacité prouvée

    95% of testers are completely satisfied with My gentle cleanser


    • 100% of testers find that the product leaves the skin comfortable, without tightness.
    • 82% of testers find that the product relieves irritation.
    • 91% of testers find that the product gently cleanses the skin.

    Texture :

    • 91% of testers find that the texture does not leave a sticky film.

    Clinical study, 21 days, 22 testers

    Ingrédients magiques

    Magical Ingredients - Cleanser:
    Provitamin B5: Renowned for its cleansing properties.
    Betaine: Known for its soothing properties.


    The list of ingredients may be subject to change. Be sure to always check the list of ingredients on the purchased product.

    Magical Ingredients - My Washcloths:
    Microfleece: Fabric known and recognized by all toddlers for its absolute softness!

    INCI listed: 100% polyester

    The list of ingredients may be subject to change. Be sure to always check the list of ingredients on the purchased product.

    Un jeu d'enfants

    Directions for use: Apply to the face using a cotton pad morning and evening without rinsing.

    Ergonomics: Easy to use alone from 4 years old, My gentle cleanser has an intelligent dispenser. Just press the pot-buzzer, like in games, to get the right dose of product!

    Directions for use: Apply My Gentle Cleanser to the zero waste disc and gently cleanse your face. After each use, slide the disc in a washing net, in the washing machine from 30°C to 60°C up to 300 times. Wash them with the rest of your laundry.

    Let's teach children together to reduce their carbon footprint with reusable OUATE discs. Microfleece is an extraordinarily soft material, recognized by our toddlers. They will therefore know how to conquer their hearts and the evening wash will become child's play!

    Consignes recyclage

    My washcloths:
    Secondary pack: Sorting bin

    The cardboard box of washcloths is to be placed in the sorting bin (yellow bin). The washcloths are reusable for up to 300 washes!

    My gentle cleanser:
    Bottle: Sorting bin (Yellow bin)
    Pump: Household waste bin (Green bin)

    Unscrew the pump and throw it in the household waste bin (green bin). Indeed, in a pump, there are still small metal components which make it non-recyclable for the moment... but we are working hard with the manufacturers to find solutions! The bottle should be thrown in the sorting bin (yellow bin).

    Sorting instructions may vary locally.

    My sweet duo
    My sweet duo
    My sweet duo
    My sweet duo

    La Ouate Family l'adore

    • "Bought for the 9-year-old and the 5-year-old also got the cleanser that smells "so good it makes you want to kiss" and the soft washcloths. I had a lot of trouble getting them clean the face morning and evening [...] It has been 9 days since either of them missed a face wash.
      I really recommend taking the washcloths, they are super soft, wash very well and dry very quickly. To take on a trip! [...]"

      Stephanie B.

    Questions fréquentes

    Pourquoi faut-il prendre soin de la peau des enfants ?

    From the age of 4, the hydrolipidic film of children's skin is in full construction. The skin is therefore more vulnerable to external aggressions and it is 3 times thinner than that of an adult. The dermis is immature with small spaced cells which intensify water loss and ultimately dehydration of the child's skin.

    In addition, the sebaceous glands which participate in the creation of the hydrolipidic film and which make it possible to fight against the drying of the skin are not very active.

    In summary, the skin of children is particularly sensitive and fragile and requires a daily routine including hydration and protection.

    What is the lifespan of a washcloth?

    They are programmed to last. Eco-responsible, they teach children that they are helping to take care of our beautiful planet. Resistant to more than 300 machine washes, it's an investment in time.

    How long does My Gentle Cleanser last?

    One squeeze of My Gentle Cleanser is enough to cleanse the face. One bottle represents 250 uses for 150ml, i.e. a duration of approximately 4 months at the rate of 2 uses per day.

    At what temperature should I wash my washcloths?

    To make your life easier, we have thought of everything! Unlike other reusable cottons, My washcloths slip into the machine, whether the laundry program is set at 30° or 60°.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Famille B-A
    Debarbouillettes parfaites

    Le produit sent très bon. Odeur délicate et fraîche. Les debardouillettes sont extraordinaires. Douces, au nombre de 7, larges, peuvent servir plusieurs fois. J'adore tout simplement !!!

    karine montintin
    Super produit.

    Très bon produit. Ma fille adore se nettoyer le visage avec.
    Peut-être une question à vous poser. Ma fille m'a demandé pourquoi il y avait sur les lingettes un côté bleu et un côté blanc ? Comme il s'agit de la même matière, je lui ai dit qu'elle pouvait choisir le côté qu'elle préférait mais il y a peut-être quelque chose à faire ou à raconter pour apprendre la propreté avec le côté double utilisation des lingettes (côté bleu et côté blanc)… Mais en dehors de cela, nous avons adopté vos produits. Nous recommanderons à nouveau.

    Celine D

    Mes enfants sont réfractaires à la toilette… bref, avec les cotons tous doux et le flacon pompe, ils ont trouvé facile et se nettoient la peau avec de partir à l’école, facile, pratique et écolo!

    Anne LEMAY
    Mon duo douceur

    L'avis de ma fille, elle l'adore facile a mettre et sens très bon.
    Crème et lotion très bien.
    Ma fille veut continuer.
    Elle ADORE.