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My cler skin gummies - sugar-free

23 total reviews

Food supplements for skin with imperfections - 60 gummies

👧 Skin with imperfections from 9 years old
🚫 No sugars
🇬🇧 Made in France
🍓Natural strawberry flavor
🌈 No artificial coloring
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    Ingrédients magiques

    NETTLE: Known to act against imperfections.
    BURDOCK: Known to help detoxify the body.
    SYNERGISTED TURMERIC: Known to protect against oxidative stress.
    CERAMOSIDES™: Known for unifying the complexion.

    bulking agent: maltitol - acidifier: citric acid - gelling agent: pectin - dry extract of burdock root (Arctium lappa L.) - wheat grain oil (Triticum vulgare) guaranteed gluten-free - natural flavor - dry extract of leaf nettle (Urtica dioica L.) - turmeric rhizome powder (Curcuma longa) - acidifier: sodium citrates - concentrate (carrot and blackcurrant) emulsifier: sunflower lecithin - antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols - zinc citrate

    The list of ingredients may be subject to change. Be sure to always check the list of ingredients on the purchased product.

    Un jeu d'enfants

    Directions for use: 2 gummies per day, preferably in the morning. No need for water to consume them, deliciously melting they can be savored...

    Note that: Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store at room temperature in a clean, dry place. Ask your doctor/pharmacist for advice (pregnant and breastfeeding women).

    Ergonomics: Clean skin has a good strawberry taste, without artificial colorings and above all in the shape of a cloud! Our gummies make you want to take care of yourself and when the desire is there, the results are seen!

    Consignes recyclage

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    My Clear Skin gummies are designed in single material, making it 100% recyclable.

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    My cler skin gummies - sugar-free
    My cler skin gummies - sugar-free
    My cler skin gummies - sugar-free
    My cler skin gummies - sugar-free

    La Ouate Family l'adore

    • My Clear Skin Gummies
      "I bought this product for my son and I notice a marked improvement after a few days of use, he has much less acne. I totally recommend this product. I regret not having discovered this product sooner, I 've tried lots of creams, masks...and nothing quite as effective."


    Questions fréquentes

    Pourquoi faut il prendre soin de la peau des enfants ?

    From the age of 4, the hydrolipidic film of children's skin is in full construction. The skin is therefore more vulnerable to external aggressions and it is 3 times thinner than that of an adult. The dermis is immature with small spaced cells which intensify water loss and ultimately the dehydration of the child's skin.

    In addition, the which participate in the creation of the hydrolipidic film and which help to fight skin dryness are not very active.

    In summary, c.ildren's skin is particularly sensitive and fragile and requires a daily routine including hydration and protection.

    Why does the skin of children aged 9 and over have special needs?

    From the age of 9, children gradually move towards puberty and studies show that it happens earlier and earlier.

    The growing hormonal activity leads to the appearance of the first imperfections. The skin is no longer that of a child and not yet that of an adolescent; sensitive, it requires an adapted and less concentrated treatment than the existing ones.

    Why did you choose to replace the sugar in your gummies with maltitol?

    By deepening our research into the range and carefully taking your feedback into account, we have replaced the sugar in our gummies with maltitol, a sweetener obtained from wheat or corn starch.

    Why Maltitol ?

    • It is neither digested nor absorbed, so it provides almost half the calories of sucrose ("table sugar"), 2.4kcal/g against 4kcal/g for sucrose
    • Recommended by doctors and dentists
    • Consumable by diabetics
    • Sweetening power 20% lower than that of sugar

    The effectiveness and taste of our gummies remains unchanged but its formula has been refined for an unsweetened version...

    Why an in & out ritual?

    For lasting efficiency! Combining care with nutri-cosmetics is the promise of fully meeting the needs of the skin: softness, protection and hydration.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Chantal BARRY
    Avis en attente d'un peu de temps.

    Il est un peu tôt pour vous répondre, je ne les ai que depuis 2 jours car je n'ai pas pu aller les chercher avant.
    Bon goût et texture agréable. Pour l'efficacité, je ne peux pas encore me prononcer...

    Résultat satisfaisant

    Ma fille constate après une semaine et demie de prise qu'elle a déjà moins de boutons.
    Par contre, elle n'est pas très fan du goût, qu'elle trouve trop sucré mais elle les prend quand même 😊

    Cindy Martins
    Efficace mais les enfants n’en raffolent pas

    Ma fille a commencé à prendre les gummies il y a 2 semaines. On note déjà une belle amélioration niveau imperfections (sur le nez notamment), les petits boutons sont beaucoup moins nombreux.
    Les gummies sont en plus sans sucre ce qui est parfait ! Cependant ma fille n’en raffole pas, elle les prend par « obligation » et non pas avec plaisir. Le goût que les gummies laissent en bouche la dérange.


    Ma fille a commencé sa cure il y a une semaine, s