On a testé les listes de cadeaux Milirose :  4 bonnes raisons pour ne plus s’en passer

We tested the Milirose gift lists: 4 good reasons not to do without them anymore

In the ocean of preparations for births, birthdays, baptisms and other festivities, finding the perfect gift can be a real headache.

This is where Milirose comes in, a complete and free platform for creating personalized gift lists, thus simplifying the lives of organizers and participants!

1 - Spoiled for choice: a diversity of partner sites

The major advantage of Milirose lies in its ability to easily add items from a multitude of merchant sites , thus offering total freedom in the choice of gifts. Whether you are looking for a play mat, a pretty symbolic piece of jewelry or even a handcrafted item, Milirose allows you to combine all these desires into a single and easily accessible list. Milirose abolishes the boundaries between e-commerce sites and offers users unparalleled freedom of selection to create gift lists perfectly suited to their preferences and those of their loved ones.

2 - Goodbye to blank page syndrome with the gift ideas guide

Milirose stands out thanks to its personalized support . In fact, they offer a guide to gift ideas for the birth of a baby. By identifying the essentials for baby's arrival, this assistant guides you wisely, thus preventing you from forgetting essential items.

3 - Simplicity just a click away

Milirose offers true ease of use to its users. Indeed, the site is accessible on all media, whether on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Additionally, the platform offers email reservation tracking, keeping you informed of each gift reserved!

Also, the ability to organize the list by category, whether for bedroom, linen or toiletries, greatly simplifies navigation and list management, making it easy to find items.

Finally, Milirose offers two detailed explanatory videos accessible from the “How it works” page. These videos provide clear, concise instructions on creating lists and reserving gifts. They are a valuable resource, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all users, even those less familiar with online platforms.

4 - A collective and collaborative experience

Milirose transforms the gift list experience into a collective and collaborative experience . Thanks to its prize pool service, gift list creators can open a prize pool free of charge, thus inviting their loved ones to contribute financially with ease.

This feature opens the way to partial participation for more meaningful gifts (over €49), whether for a memorable photo shoot or the acquisition of a quality stroller. It allows several people to contribute to a single gift, thus offering the possibility of sharing moments or objects of great value without excessive financial constraints for everyone. This collaborative approach of Milirose transcends simple gifts to become a collective and generous experience, strengthening the bonds between participants and offering unforgettable memories to share.



Milirose is THE complete solution to simplify the creation and management of gift lists. With its diverse features, accessibility and user-friendliness, this platform offers an unrivaled experience, making life easier for organizers and participants. Now, finding the perfect gift becomes child's play thanks to Milirose !