On a testé : Le petit guide cadeaux de Noël

We tested: The little Christmas gift guide

Welcome to our guide to gift ideas for children from birth, where wonder meets innovation and quality. We've put together a special selection of treasures offered by our friendly brands, perfect companions alongside OUATE's warm gifts. Each product featured here embodies the magic, ingenuity and joy we want to offer our little ones. Explore this captivating world and find unique gifts that will spark imaginations, spark smiles and accompany children on their extraordinary journey. 🎁✨

1- Risu Risu

Risu Risu embodies the very essence of wonder through a collection of children's clothing designed with delicacy and creativity. Each piece reflects their commitment to quality, aesthetics and comfort, providing little explorers with a playful and stylish wardrobe.

2- Nailmatic

Nailmatic is revolutionizing the world of beauty by offering a fun and responsible approach to cosmetics for children and adults. At the crossroads of innovation, color and safety, the brand offers a range of non-toxic nail polishes, respectful of small nails and the environment. With vegan, cruelty-free and endocrine disruptor-free formulas,Nailmatic is redefining the way we approach beauty, with a focus on pleasure, creativity and safety for all. Here are some gift ideas that should delight you.

3- Superminus

Superminus embodies boldness and creativity through its range of children's clothing. By combining modern design, quality materials and a playful touch, each piece is designed to inspire young minds to explore, dream and express themselves. The brand celebrates individuality and encourages children to embrace their uniqueness through colorful, comfortable and inspiring clothing. Superminus is also committed to responsible manufacturing, offering families an ethical and stylish option to accompany the adventures of their little explorers.

4- Wagram workshop

Atelier Wagram , under the leadership of its founder Aurélie, celebrates childhood through a complete range of essentials designed to meet the needs of young parents. Their collection, mainly in cotton gauze, offers customizable accessories and textiles to arouse unique emotions in each customer. Since 2018, the team has been committed to responsible production, working with partner workshops in Portugal, while ensuring careful customization of each product in their workshop near Bordeaux.

5- Soulet

Soulet embodies the adventure and fulfillment of children through its range of outdoor games and play equipment. For decades, the brand has offered superior quality structures, creating safe and entertaining play spaces for little adventurers. Each product, designed with care and attention to detail, encourages exploration, physical activity and outdoor fun, while meeting the strictest safety standards. Soulet is committed to supporting the development of children and enriching their play experiences through a varied range of swings, slides and other equipment that stimulate imagination and socialization.


Mézamé embodies innovation and creativity in the field of educational toys. The brand stands out for its products designed to stimulate children's curiosity and development. Each toy is carefully designed, combining technology and pedagogy to provide unique learning experiences. Mézamé is committed to supporting the development of little ones through interactive and stimulating games, thus promoting their imagination, learning and development.

7- Miniworlds

Mini Worlds captivate children's imaginations through exceptional miniature worlds. Each creation transports young minds on unique adventures, where imagination comes to life. These meticulously designed miniature worlds offer richly detailed scenarios to encourage creative and narrative play. Mini Worlds strive to create magical environments that spark curiosity, invite exploration and encourage children to create their own captivating stories.

8- Millow

Millow embodies elegance and comfort through its range of high quality bedding. Each product is carefully designed to provide restful sleep and incomparable comfort. The brand stands out for the use of soft and durable materials, creating environments conducive to relaxation and well-being. Millow is committed to transforming the way we sleep by offering products that combine aesthetics and functionality for peaceful and invigorating nights.

9- Milinane

Milinane embodies the harmonious marriage between functionality and aesthetics through its collection of products for babies and young children. The brand offers a diverse range of essential items, from bed linen to practical accessories, designed with soft fabrics and delicate patterns. Each piece combines comfort, quality and trendy design to gently accompany little ones in their daily lives. Milinane is committed to offering products designed to simplify parents' lives while creating worlds full of softness and style for children.