La routine du soir des enfants

Children's evening routine

After slamming your desktop screen, it's time for your second day with your children. It is certainly shorter, but no less intense.

Children are learning and making many discoveries throughout their day. The evening can therefore be more difficult with fatigue and the various emotions that overwhelm them at the end of the day. By establishing an evening routine, it helps reassure your children and make them feel safe.

Here are the 3 steps of the evening routine for children that we recommend:

1. Bath time, a moment of play and complicity

The bath is often the starting point of this ritual. But children are not always very motivated to go wash.

We reveal our secret to saying goodbye to the complaints of going to the bath.

Our cleansing cream is your best ally. Its wonderfully whipped side transforms this step of the evening routine into a moment of relaxation and fun!

2. At the table

After washing your children, we go to the table. And here too, this step in the routine can become a real moment of complicity and exchange! We take the opportunity to keep them close to us, ask them for help to prepare dinner…

3. Pee, teeth, skin care and bed!

Now that your children are clean and fed, here is the last step of the evening routine: clean their teeth, wash their face and apply moisturizer.

We first clean our face with our gentle cleanser then we moisturize our face with the cream suitable for each age of the child. With OUATE, it's more than teaching them how to take care of their skin, we share a ritual and we witness their learning of autonomy.

We then let the child choose one, two or three stories to continue the moment of relaxation and complicity. And we finish the evening routine in style with a big hug.

Transform each evening into a moment of sweetness and complicity, creating warm memories that will last a lifetime.