Interview de notre fondatrice sur les coulisses de la gamme bébé

Interview with our founder behind the scenes of the baby range

Welcome to this captivating interview, where we take a deep dive into the world of parenting and creating a brand new baby range with our founder, Astrid Mauduit. From initial ideas to challenges overcome, including inspirations and key choices, let's discover together the creative process that gave birth to this new baby range.

Why develop a baby range?

OUATE's ambition is to be the brand that supports children in their development; after having argued and knowing that taking care of children 's skin is essential, because the community of mothers with whom we interact, and after 4 years , offering a range of essentials to take care of babies' skin from birth became obvious!

Can you tell us about the new OUATE baby range. What makes it unique and how was it developed?

It is the first 100% eco-refillable baby range, with natural and organic formulations, hypoallergenic and 100% safe to meet the essential needs of babies' skin , with an elegant design and packaging designed to be used with one hand. . The little extra: an original 2 in 1 buoy accessory (teething ring and non-slip base).

Baby range

Can you tell us about the formulas?

  • The cleansing gel : hypoallergenic, 98% natural origin, vegan, tested under dermatological and pediatric control, sulfate-free, soap-free, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

  • The liniment : hypoallergenic, 99% natural origin, vegan, tested under dermatological and pediatric control, soap-free, neutral PH, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

  • The moisturizer : hypoallergenic, 97% natural origin, vegan, tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, a precisely dosed fragrance, suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

A careful choice of ingredients and active ingredients for maximum gentle effectiveness .

Ergonomics is at the heart of the brand's product developments, how have you integrated it into this new range dedicated to toddlers?

The bottles are designed to be used by the mother or father with one hand , the other being used to hold the baby, who will soon be wriggling on the changing table!

To take your care with you everywhere, we have put together in a travel-sized kit (50ml) the 3 essential skin care treatments from birth. Ideal kit for adventurous parents, each of these bottles are refillable !

The 3 essentials for my baby

Could you describe the “favorite” smell of the moisturizer for my baby?

It is a subtle and precisely dosed signature fragrance, hypoallergenic , with floral, solar and aquatic notes, which will delight parents and will not bother the baby.

Why did you choose not to put perfume in the cleansing gel and liniment?

These 2 products being applied to the mucous membranes, therefore very sensitive and irritable areas, it was obvious for us to ban any additional source of perfume...

OUATE is an eco-responsible brand, how did you integrate it into this new baby range?

We have chosen sustainable high-end packaging , based on 100% recyclable aluminum, a pump system to deliver the right dose and thus avoid any overconsumption and above all a range of 3 ecological and economical eco-refills for limit our environmental impact.

Baby refill

The textures of OUATE products are always incredible, can you describe those of this new range to us:

  • The cleansing gel : gel texture, fine foam on contact with water, rinses easily and quickly.

  • Liniment : fluid and silky texture to facilitate cleaning, leaves a protective film on the skin, white texture without odor which does not stain clothes.

  • The moisturizer : milky, fluid, nourishing texture which facilitates its application and allows you to massage the baby for more benefits.

Do you have an anecdote to share about the development of this range?

To embody this baby range , we needed a mascot!! While walking on the beach, my youngest daughter Isaure (who loves animals) said to me: “look at mom!! the mother seagull with her baby bird; They are super cute” ; that was all it took to choose this bird. All that remained was to brief our talented illustrator Olivier Tallec: “draw me the Touquet seagull please” ah ah!!. We all unanimously fell in love with his drawings; we hope they will make you melt 😊

To conclude, do you have a message to convey to all parents and those in the making?

Thank you to all the OUATE moms and dads who have trusted us since the start of this incredible adventure; step by step and hand in hand , OUATE is the promise of sweet moments of care with complicity, security and happiness .