Interview de @babyatoutprix sur notre co-création

Interview with @babyatoutprix on our co-creation

We recently released My awesome balm in a new version with @babyatoutprix . Discover in this exclusive interview, behind the scenes of our collaboration with our favorite Instagrammer who shares our mantra: Making life easier for parents and the well-being of their children!

Can you present yourself the way you want? 

I am Lucie Kakuta , content creator, mother of 3 wonderful children, entrepreneur, founder of the Salon du Créateurs and a travel agency. My world is gentle, focused on sharing my life as a mother to inspire and relax.

Why did you choose to collaborate with OUATE? 

I chose to collaborate with OUATE because I love the fun and original spirit of their products, and children love them . Plus, it made sense to me because I was a client of OUATE long before working with them.

Why is My Brilliant Balm your favorite product at OUATE? 

My brilliant balm is my favorite product at OUATE because it is very practical ! It promotes children's autonomy and simplifies parents' lives! And the kids love it. In addition, it is very aesthetic .

My brilliant balm

3 words to define My awesome balm x @babyatoutprix? 

Nourishing, soothing and charming.

Why did you choose to make it in beige? 

I chose the color beige for My brilliant balm , even if the base color at OUATE is a pretty blue, because beige corresponds to my personal universe. It is a natural and soft color , which makes the product easy to match with any wardrobe, summer and winter.

With your children, you have chosen to dress My brilliant balm with a boat and a rainbow on its dials. What do these drawings mean to you?

These drawings of a boat and a rainbow on My Brilliant Balm are symbolic for us. They represent adventure and joy , two essential elements of childhood that we want to encourage. In addition, the boat is a nice nod to our last family vacation in Tahiti , an adventure that had a profound impact on us. It symbolizes this unique experience that we had together. As for the rainbow, it symbolizes union , joy and diversity adding a special touch to our family history and our values .

Finally, between us will you manage not to steal it from your children? 

In fact, I already have mine! The product is so pretty, and it is adjustable , which also makes it suitable for our adult handles . And we need to take care of ourselves too!

And there you have it, you know everything behind the scenes of our collaboration with @babyatoutprix ! To avoid missing out on this limited edition, we advise you to add it to your basket immediately 😉