5 conseils pour éviter les rougeurs autour de la bouche lorsqu’il fait froid

5 tips to avoid redness around the mouth when it's cold

The cold of winter often makes our children's skin dry and weakens certain areas of the face such as the mouth and its contour. Sensitive to cold , wind, temperature differences, the lips chap quickly and the surrounding skin is easily irritated. Here are 5 tips so that when your children are involved, you will know (perfectly) how to manage:

1- Avoid licking

Children often have this reflex, or this tic, of licking their mouth and its contour believing they are soothing irritated skin. However, the enzymes contained in the saliva will increase the irritation and thus damage the skin even more. Rather than licking, we teach them to establish a good habit: apply my brilliant balm to moisturize.

Photo of My Awesome Balm

2- Apply a good amount of cream several times a day

Moisturizing the skin of the face morning and evening and regularly applying an ointment to relieve redness around the mouth will soothe this red halo and relieve the skin. Burning sensations on the skin after applying a moisturizer adapted to their skin and their age are normal, be careful that children do not remove the ointment immediately, which would stop the soothing effects...

Photo moisturizers

3- A Beautiful Skin cure to hydrate from the inside

With a good orange taste, they melt under the tongue… These food supplements are, as a bambini says, “The delight of breakfast!” (and a good reason to encourage them to get up…).
Certified organic, vegan and made in France, my Beautiful skin gummies take care of skin that needs hydration to protect it in depth. They are composed of:
  • Bio-ceramosides which help the skin to limit its water loss. The skin is therefore less dry!
  • Acerola fruit powder (rich in vitamin C) to protect the skin from external aggressions (sun, cold, etc.).

To learn more about bio ceramosides and acerola, go to our ingredients page

Picture my beautiful skin gummies

2 gummies per day are to be taken as a 30-day cure. The first results can be seen in 14 days! The skin is more supple and soft and feels less tight.


4- Drink water to be well hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to bring water to the skin. In order for our metabolism to work perfectly, it must be sufficiently hydrated. Well hydrated skin does not feel tight and itches less, it is less dry and luminous. It is recommended for a child to drink at least 7 glasses of water a day. To help him optimize this recommended daily intake, suggest that he choose his own water bottle and take it with you everywhere!

5- Add a layer of moisturizer without their knowledge...

Neither seen nor known once the toddlers are asleep, everything is (almost) allowed. With a touch as light as Tinkerbell's leaps in Peter Pan, apply very delicately (and in one go, no possible miss) a layer of my brilliant balm around the lips. No risk that the ointment will be immediately wiped on the first textile that passes under their nose, asleep they do not smell anything and the benefits of the balm act wisely until the next morning.

Photo of my awesome balm

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