Our values

Because children love to learn while having fun and feel that joy that overwhelms them as they walk on the path to autonomy, OUATE transmits them the essential care gestures to take care of their fragile skin.  

In order to guide and support them, here are six key values that are decisive in their development and which form the basis of our commitment: 

1. Self-knowledge:

The skin, this organ acting like a fishpond of receptors to the outside world offers the unique sensation of touch. Learning how to take care of it from an early age preserves, protects and hydrates its precious delicacy.

Between 4 and 11 years old, the hydrolipidic film of children's skin is still building up. It is vulnerable and needs daily hydration and protection. Thanks to a daily routine, OUATE supports and guides children in a simple and playful way to take consciousness of this organ. They discover  how sensations of the exterior world feels like through products that are made out of natural origin ingredients and containing only what's essential for their skin. 

Through the discovery of new textures, they savor sensations that arouse their curiosity and can thus begin to open up to the world, and get to know themselves better. 

2. Self-esteem and self-care:

By taking care of ourself we gain in trust and in self-esteem. It is a virtuous circle that strengthens our internal security. 
OUATE skincare products are suitable for everyone and are part of our children's lives. They become a joyful and soothing habit that contributes to their physical and psychological development. In the daily life of a child, a routine stabilizes and secures, it structures benchmarks, it  reassures and teaches a child how to take care of themselves, their skin and do themself good.

Transmitting these rituals and sharing these gestures together strenghtens their identity and increases their self-confidence. Little by little they are empowering themselves, wanting to use their products alone. They are proud to master their body language and the application of their skincare product.

Encouraging them, congratulating them, putting words into what they accomplish teaches them to love themselves. By guiding them towards the notion of realizing who they are and what they like, they build their own identity.

3. Assertiveness: 

When we assert ourself we become aware of our needs and our individuality.
OUATE skincare products have been designed with children so that it can become the brand to which they can partner in crime with, that can grow up with them, that follows their taste and which is linked to their sensory evolution.
Becoming fearless, curious, autonomous, dreamerstheir personality affirms as they grow. So that they can recognize themselves in the skincare that are dedicated to themgirls and boys have chosen themselves the smells! Starting at 7 years old they each have their own skin care! 

The tender colors of all the products reminds them of the sweetness and cheerfulness of the holidays, which is seen throughout the tender green of the garden or the subtle blue of the waves ... Made out of ergonomic containers, our treatments adapt to their body language and evolves with them.

4. The sense of effort through a pleasant routine:

Acquiring a sense of effort as a child teaches them to explore their own capacities towards adversity and to feel proud of themselves once the action is completed. 
Because a daily routine can become a little binding, OUATE has developed skincare products where all textures evolve in order to remain a surprising and pleasant routine.   
The creative search for these textures amuses our children and awakens their greed. They continue to explore their imagination through the different sensations that arouse their curiosity: gel texture like a scoop of ice cream, creamy texture like whipped cream vanilla, whipped cream texture, frothy texture like muslin cream ...

While taking care of themselves and their skin, they play, learn and have fun. The skincare routine is assimilated to fun and happy moments!  

5. Living it together:

A family grows together, we parents evolve with our children. It is together that we progress, that we become more indulgent. Every day we learn from our children just as they learn from us. Through their keen sense of observation, we pass on  values and show them the example.

« We don’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. »
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

For our children, their future and the generations to come, OUATE has been committed since its creation to respect and protect our planet and subscribes to an 
eco-design approach.
We have sought to integrate raw materials from sustainable sectors into each of our products, selected recycled inks and a packaging that has very limited components while ensuring their level of recyclability.

Because nothing can ever be taken for granted, we realize that ecology is a daily job and in which we can only improve together.
Every day we learn, we try to do better than yesterday and we keep improving.
Thanks to you, your suggestions, we move forward and it is united that we improve. 

6. See life on the bright side:

Under our adult shell still remains that spark of candor that would like from time to time to return to childhood, so let's enjoy and savor these precious moments with our children.

Through OUATE skincare products we live fully the present moment, we savor the magic of childhood, we smile at life, we laugh, we enjoy a few moments of recklessness, we accept that everything is never perfect and we build memories.
Savor the creaminess of the Chantilly Lavante, be devoured by kisses after applying My Kissing Potion, feel even more courageous while wearing My Hero Cream ... OUATE skincare products fits in happily in the life of a family, they are shared among siblings according to their ages, their needs and travel along with the children in this  fantastic trip that is childhood.