5 things to know about my 1,2,3 sun screen to be unbeatable!

1 – Optimum protection thanks to its fluid texture which appears like a white veil so that no area is overlooked

The formula of my screen 1,2,3 sun assures you a optimal protection thanks to the association of mineral filters and synthetic. These sun protection filters work according to different principles: synthetic filters absorbent the sun's rays, while mineral filters reflect. It is essential to choose a sunscreen that combines both types of filters, in order to cover all the solar spectrum.

Also, its formula appears as a white veil, practical for notforget any area, then becomes transparent to the application.

2 - A formula with 89% ingredients of natural origin and without nanoparticles

We favor the most neutral products with the fewest additives possible. From sweet ingredients as'sunflower oil 🌻 and natural tocopherols (moisturizers). My screen 1,2,3 sun is also formulated without nanoparticles, suspected of being dangerous to health.

3 - A formula that respects the seabed while being water resistant

And in accordance with Hawaii law 🐠: Its entry into force, in January 2021, prohibits the use in sunscreen products of anti-UV substances (oxybenzone and octinoxate) in order to protect coral reefs, so precious to marine biotopes. Apply to skin My Screen 1,2,3 sun, is to participate diligently in preserving this precious life that our oceans shelter. 🐳

4 – Un packaging intelligent

My screen 1,2,3 sun is a pocket size, easy to carry, to allow more frequent use.  

Designed to promoteautonomy children, it allows a easy distribution. Real child's play, just open the cap and squeeze the packaging lightly with one hand so that the valve opens. In addition, its "drip" system allows the right dosage cream, ideal for protecting her little face. Finally, the retraction effect ensures a clean tip, burr-free and good conservation of the formula.

5 - A perfume that smells like the holidays

Its delicious fragrance blending Tiare Flower and Ylang-ylang will encourage your children to apply it regularly! Additionally, it was designed without photosensitive substances and phototoxic.