Une rentrée en beauté !

Back to school in style!😉✨

Phew, we are reassured, back to school is over!

The friends are tanned, the choice of schoolbag caused a sensation in the playground: we would almost regret not being a delegated parent!😂

So the whirlwind of the last few days, this first back-to-school weekend was eagerly awaited. So let's take the opportunity to start this new year with original tips that will make everyday life magical...✨

1. Sbackand every moment: The Calendar of daily little pleasures

"What was the best part of your day? Even if the answer often revolves around the snack 😂, there are little sentences that allow us to understand what was really important to them! To establish this happy habit, discover the calendar of daily little pleasures to talk about the important moments of the week.

Hanging on the fridge, you can watch it at any time of the day! This joyful habit teaches gratitude, essential to appreciate the joys of everyday life!💗

2. Love shot for the day: The Box of Words!

Mom, Dad, we hope your pencils are sharp too! Concoct a little box with sweet words for your children: a quote that you like, a memory that made you all laugh, one of their qualities, a riddle... All you have to do is pick a sweet note every morning, a binder on the back and off to school with a big smile! 😄💕

3. The Best for Last: Order your care ritual.

Introducing children to taking care of them accompanies this enthusiasm that is inseparable from the start of the school year. Just like stepping up to the next class, they take pride in using age-appropriate products themselves. The Ouate routine is a ritual of fulfilling treatments to take care of their skin in a serene atmosphere. 

We just have to wish you a nice well hydrated back to school!  

Very affectionately, 

The OUATE family