Merveilleuse nouvelle année à tous!

Wonderful New Year everyone!

The 2021 resolutions
Every year it starts all over again, yes it's the concept of January 1, but after all that we have experienced, shared, improvised, organized, experienced in 2020 ... after all that we had to adapt, put in place and question ... 
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says" I'm possible " 
Audrey hepburn 
Here are some of the resolutions that the Ouate Family will try decided to set up and adapt. 
We allow ourselves a little time to adjust to see what our priorities really are and see if life is not really slightly better (or even sometimes even less complicated), once the changes are made and these good resolutions installed. 
1. We buy more clothes second hand (bybambou, vinted, he was several times, 2ndjacadi ...) 
2. We sort, we give, we sell!  
We donate the books that we no longer like and we borrow more often from the library, we resell the things that encumber us on merchant sites ... the new mantra for 2021: "Less is more" * The less, the better!
3. We tidy up! By sticking (finally) these stacks of packets of photos into albums we make room in the drawers! 
With children it is 1. feasible 2. faster (yes) and 3. we remember all those happy memories, these beautiful stories, these little anecdotes that they know by heart and yet they love to listen to again and more… Thanks to these photo albums we spend time together and we them leaves a trace of their childhood
4. We cook more with our children, we teach them concept of taste and the benefits of crunching on fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables "No darling, the strawberry and green bean season is not in winter".
5. We try to get started (once a week to start) in the concept of zero waste snacks (we make our homemade shortbread, we prepare a surprisingly simple recipe for you), we opt for reusable compote gourds ... 
Last but not least, we experiment with consuming less plastic in his kitchen by investing in beewraps, fabric charlottes, silicone lids ... those in the know know;) 
6. We continue to wash our hands well!
Yes above all, that this so good habit does not leave them not never… 
7. We continue (where we install) a care routine
We cannot say it enough, children's skin is fragile and needs to be: 1. Cleaned, 2. Protected and 3. Hydrated every day. 
These 3 key words, we promise, will happily introduce themselves into their habits and their vocabulary! 
And second promise, with OUATE, the skincare routine will brighten up everyday life in the bathroom! 
Above all, we especially wish you a wonderful, happy and sensational New Year!